Duchess of Cornwall shows off cheeky side with funny remark during charity visit

Duchess of Cornwall

The Duchess of Cornwall made a very cheeky remark while visiting charity.

  • Duchess Camilla visited the Barnardo’s Child and Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Services earlier today (February 5).
  • During the visit, the royal made a funny (and very cheeky) remark while speaking to children at the centre.
  • This follows royal news that Prince Charles teamed up with Katy Perry for a special cause.

Duchess Camilla visited the charity, of which she’s been president of since 2007, and met with children and staff.

Duchess of Cornwall

While speaking to a little girl about her squishy fiddle toy that helps her calm down when she’s feeling anxious, Camilla joked she also needed the toy – and was tempted to steal it away!

She told the girl, “You’d better take it back otherwise I may steal it!”

The sweet moment was shared in a short clip by royal reporter Emily Andrews, who also revealed Camila posed for children in a speed-drawing exercise.

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The fun exercise is used by experts at Barnardo’s as an ice-breaker for groups who never met before, and each child is given only one minute to complete a section.

The reporter shared the results of the activity on Twitter – and we think Camilla looks pretty good with blue hair!

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Emily wrote, ‘Camilla had her portrait done by all four of the @barnardos girls. Each was given one minute to help complete a section. It’s used as an ice-breaker for groups who haven’t met before. I particularly liked Camilla’s blue eyebrow and she was very taken with it!’

Posting a snap of the finished piece, she added, ‘The finished portrait of Camilla was very good! The girls wanted to draw her with blue hair and a blue eyebrow to compliment her blue coat.’