Over half of women reveal that they hate shopping for THIS summer staple fashion item

Shopping for our summer wardrobe can usually mean one of two things.

For some, it'll be an exciting chance to pick up some nice new bits for a holiday abroad, but for plenty of us it also means having to dig through reams of clothes we already have - an arduous task at the best of times.

Summer shopping also signals the start of the swimwear shopping season. And while some might enjoy picking up a new costume or bikini, for others, it seems, it's a dreaded task.

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According to a Swimwear Survey undertaken by fashion brand Figleaves, many of us actively dislike looking for swimwear.

In fact, the research found that 55% of women said they don’t like shopping for swimwear, and that they find it frustrating, and that it drains their confidence. Can you relate?

It seems that the main frustration with swimwear shopping lies within the fact that women feel much of it doesn't flatter them, or support them in the right places. Two thirds of women surveyed voiced this complaint, calling it their biggest barrier to buying swimwear.

And it's become so tricky, that more than twice as many women said they would rather go to the dentist than wear a bikini on a beach.

So it's no surprise then that finding that perfect piece of swimwear can feel like finding a needle in a haystack.

95% of women surveyed said that if they found a perfectly fitting piece of swimwear, they would buy it again in different colours and prints.

And luckily, Figleaves are here to provide just that, having created a new collection to help everyone to find their perfect-fitting swimwear.

Created for any preference, there are seven different styles from a supportive, flattering, underwired bandeau one piece (above), to a high waisted bikini brief and a soft wrap halter top.

Take a look at the entire range here.

And get shopping! Summer is right around the corner after all - so what better excuse?

Amy Hunt
Amy Hunt

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