Harness the spiritual energy of summer solstice 2021 with this manifestation technique

The summer solstice 2021 is almost upon us, so how can we make the most of the longest day of the year?

Stonehenge Against Sky During Sunset
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The summer solstice 2021 is drawing closer, so when is the longest day of the year—and how can you celebrate this important occasion? 

The summer solstice 2021 is a week away and, as the astronomical start of summer approaches, many people will be checking their weekly horoscope in order to gather some clues on what the universe has in store. 

For many of us, the challenging past year has been a time of great change and the astrological movements have never been more intriguing, as we attempt to uncover what they could mean for our future. Although the ring of fire solar eclipse is set to be a moment to remember, the sun is not done casting its powerful spiritual energy over us this June. 

The summer solstice 2021, which occurs on the longest day of the year in high summer, will soon usher in a time of abundance and reflection for us all. This significant event has been celebrated since ancient times, but while we may not wish to mark the occasion in a traditional pagan way, it's well worth trying some top manifesting techniques to make the most of this spiritual time. 

When is the summer solstice 2021? 

The summer solstice 2021 will take place on Monday 21 June and falls on the same day that all coronavirus restrictions in the UK are potentially set to be lifted. The summer solstice is the longest day of the year and takes place between 20 June and  22 June annually. 

While those in the northern hemisphere have been enjoying lighter evenings for some time now, this important date officially marks the beginning of the astronomical summer. 

The summer solstice occurs when one of the Earth's poles has its maximum tilt toward the Sun. Following the summer solstice, the days will gradually begin to grow shorter until the autumn equinox, signaling the end of summer, takes place on 22 September 2021. 

What is the spiritual meaning behind the summer solstice?

The summer solstice has a deep spiritual meaning for many. For those who live in the northern hemisphere, it is at this moment in June that astrologers believe the Sun will be at its most powerful. As the longest day of the year, the summer solstice represents new beginnings as summer officially begins. 

Signaling the start of a brand new season, the summer solstice is viewed as a time of abundance. Many choose to celebrate the Sun, as this moment could be seen as the ultimate triumph of light over dark (which is just what's needed right now after the chaos of Mercury in retrograde).

While the summer solstice has its roots in nature, it’s also a time of inner reflection and revitalization, as it's said you can also obtain enlightenment at this time.

How can you manifest during the summer solstice?  

There are plenty of ways to make the most of the longest day’s spiritual significance. According to award-winning Life Coach and Mentor Emma Mumford, aka Spiritual Queen, the summer solstice is a “potent time” for “birthing new energy, new beginnings, manifesting, and welcoming in abundance too”. 

Emma describes the summer solstice as the “lightest ‘ying’ time of the year” and suggests it’s the perfect time to celebrate ourselves. In an insightful piece on her official website, she went on to reveal some ways that you can harness the summer solstice to manifest a more positive future and celebrate your past achievements. 

Three ways to manifest positive change during the summer solstice 2021:

  • List of gratitude—write down a gratitude list for all the wonderful things that have come to fruition throughout the past six months to celebrate the light and call in more abundance.  
  • Celebration list—note down a list of your own achievements over the past six months, being sure to celebrate yourself, as your own hard work has made all of these things happen, alongside the Universe. 
  • Get out in nature—spending time in nature is a brilliant way to connect to Mother Earth with the summer solstice, as well as connect to the elementals too! 

Ultimately, Emma says, the main focus of the summer solstice is to honor yourself and where you are in life. And if you feel compelled to carry out any of her practices, then even better! 

How can you celebrate the summer solstice 2021? 

The summer solstice has been celebrated since ancient times and has long been connected with pagan traditions, with the day said to mark the ancient middle of summer. According to the National Trust, the summer solstice was often marked by Celtic, Slavic and Germanic people by lighting bonfires. With this special act, it was thought that they could boost the sun’s strength for the remainder of the crop season

Stonehenge in Wiltshire, UK, is one of the most popular destinations for people wishing to celebrate the summer solstice. Visitors to the 5,000-year-old stone circle can watch the sunrise behind the Heel Stone and see the first rays shining into the very heart of Stonehenge. 

Crowds celebrating summer solstice and the dawn of the longest day of the year at Stonehenge on June 21, 2018 in Wiltshire, England

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With the summer solstice occurring on 21 June, the official Stonehenge website has stated that if the lifting of UK restrictions does indeed take place as planned, then the solstice celebrations will be going ahead on the evening of 20 June into the morning of 21 June. 

They will also be live-streaming the sunset and sunrise for free for anyone who does not feel comfortable attending an event with large crowds, allowing people to experience this magical moment from their own homes.

And that’s not the only way you can celebrate the summer solstice 2021 at home. If you would prefer to watch the sunrise in nature without venturing too far afield, then why not stay up and experience it in your own garden? Connecting with Mother Nature and enjoying the longest day of the year with your loved ones is just as wonderful.

Portrait of woman wearing flower wreath

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Another fun tradition worth trying this year is making your own flower crown. While they are now commonly associated with weddings, flower crowns are also part of traditional Swedish Midsummer celebrations, which are held annually in June around the time of the summer solstice. 

According to Elite Daily, it’s the time of year when women and men both wear floral headpieces. They are said to symbolize fertility and natural abundance and many people design and wear their own personal headpiece.

However, you choose to celebrate the summer solstice 2021, remember to make the most of the sunlight and the abundance that it brings!