Are these the coolest candles ever? We definitely think so...

Sculptural candles are having a moment

white candles burning on pink background
(Image credit: Lena Clara/Getty Images)

Candles are an essential part of Christmas and whether you love lighting them when soaking in the tub, using the best scented candles to cover up nasty smells or simply having a few around the lounge when watching TV, there's a definitely something calming about a candle.

But did you know the latest trend in candles is sculptural styles in the shape of the female form? Whether you buy one for yourself or to gift to someone else, there's a whole range of gorgeous styles to choose from.

Here are our pick of the best... 

Belle Nous 

Slim Female Body Candle

(Image credit: Esty )

This 100% soy wax figure comes from Belle Nous, a small independent candle manufacturer that specialises in a wide range of candles, each used to celebrate the female form.  


Le Derrière boujie parfumée luxe

(Image credit: caïa )

Caïa developed a slightly more expensive variation of the figured candle with this naturally biodegradable version weighing in at 4.7kg. The price tag is pretty hefty so Selfridges recommends that the vegan piece be used as an ornamental structure.  

Bon Femmes

Hannah Candle

(Image credit: Bonne Femmes )

Bon Femmes ‘Hannah’ candles are a must-have for all candle lovers. Identical to Greek statues, this candle was created to give a vibe of tranquility, plus and forms are carefully crafted from organic bee and soy wax.  

Rockett St George 

Curvy Body Torso Candle By Belle Nous

(Image credit: Rockett St George )

Rockett St George offers elegantly composed torso candles in brown, black, white and pink. The lustrous body candle will add, "marvellous mood lighting to your space, making any interior illuminate.” To avoid wax on your furniture, burn the candles on a small coaster.