Cyber Monday KitchenAid deals: big discounts on mixers and attachments to help you whip up a storm in the kitchen

There are plenty of Cyber Monday KitchenAid deals to snap up, including discounts on a plethora of mixers and attachments...

Cyber Monday KitchenAid deals:
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For keen bakers, here are some amazing Cyber Monday KitchenAid deals! 

A KitchenAid is one of those must-have kitchen items - you can mix practically anything with them, and they are an essential for bakers. But did you know that KitchenAid mixer attachments exist to help you transform your mixer into a whole other handy new kitchen gadget? The attachments mean that you can use your KitchenAid to do any number of cooking and baking related tasks. And even better for your bank balance, it means you won't have to buy a whole new appliance either!

We've rounded up the best Cyber Monday KitchenAid deals and mixer attachment discounts, if you're on the hunt for an way to breathe a second (or third, or fourth) life, into your already trusty KitchenAid.

Read on to see our pick of the biggest Cyber Monday KitchenAid deals...

Best Cyber Monday KitchenAid stand mixer deals:


KITCHENAID Artisan Stand Mixer: £499 £399 | Currys

Save £100 on this classic KitchenAid stand mixer in a lovely milkshake shade. This mixer lends a helping hand with bread dough, cake mix, egg whites and more - making food preparation easier by helping a baker make delicious treats from scratch.


KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer: £399.99 £359.99 | Lakeland

Get this iconic KitchenAid stand mixer with a sleek matte black finish now with £40 off. It features 10 speed settings and comes with flat beater, whisk and dough hook - for all your baking needs.


KitchenAid Planetary Food Mixer, 6.9L, Red: £780 £757.19 (save £22.81) | Amazon This 6.9L mixer now has over £20 off right now. Supplied with a stainless steel wire whisk, nylon coated flat beater and dough hook, there's nothing better for your time baking in the kitchen!

Best Cyber Monday KitchenAid deals: mixer attachments


KitchenAid Slicer and Shredder Attachment: £85 £42.50 | Lakeland 

There's 50% to be saved on this slicer and shredder attachment, which is tough enough to easily chop all your raw veg, salad, fruits, and even nuts and cheese! This handy 3-in-1 product turns your mixer into a handy slicer and shredder for just £40 - so saves both money and cupboard space.


KitchenAid Slow Juicer and Sauce Attachment: £159.99 £143.10 | Lakeland 

This slow juicer and sauce maker attachment neatly hooks on to your kitchen aid, allowing you to make sauces, jams, juices, fruit coulis, and so much more! The extra wide feed tube accommodates all kinds of fruit and veg - so the possibilities are endless. It's the perfect accompaniment to a baking session, and is now almost £17 off at Lakeland.


KitchenAid Sifter and Scale: £139 £79.99 | Amazon 

There's 42% off this sifter and scale attachment on Amazon right now, that evenly incorporates sifted (sieved) and weighted ingredients in the bowl. We all know how important getting precise measurements is - so this nifty attachment makes baking so much easier!


KitchenAid 5KSM1APC Spiraliser: £99 £74.99 | Amazon 

Peel, core, slice and spiralise any ingredients with this handy attachment! This has a 4 in 1 functionality with nine different combinations to choose from and a storage case is included for all of the smaller parts. It's now got 24% off for a limited time. 


KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker Attachment: £90 | KitchenAid

While it's sadly no longer on offer, this is still perfect for making ice cream, sorbet or frozen desserts, so worth buying now. Ideal for the upcoming festive season, this handy tool makes frozen treats in as little as 20 minutes and has capacity for a 1.9 litres.

Best Cyber Monday KitchenAid deals: kitchen accessories


KitchenAid Gourmet Multifunction Can Opener: £19.56 £13.89 (save £5.67) | Amazon This is perhaps the most chic can opener we've ever seen! And in an exclusive Black Friday deal, it's now 29% off! We rarely see deals on KitchenAid accessories during the rest of the year, so get it while you can.


KitchenAid 3-in Dial Oven Thermometer: £13.24 £7.91 (save £5.33) | Amazon There's a huge 40% off this handy oven thermometer right now, that clips on to your over rack for more accurate cooking.


KitchenAid Stand Mixer Optional Accessory Glass Bowl: £85 £80 (save £5) | Amazon Style up your mixer with this optional glass bowl - an alternative to the shiny silver aluminium ones they come with! Watch as your ingredients mix together - this is a great one for the kids. 

Why are KitchenAid stand mixers so expensive?

KitchenAid mixers can be very expensive - although, the above Cyber Monday KitchenAid deals mean some amazing discounts if you want to snap them up!

But outside of Cyber weekend, KitchenAid's can fetch up to £600 at their highest price point.

There are a few reasons why KitchenAid mixers are so pricey - firstly, the brand has become very trusted with customers and has earnt a well-deserved reputation as a quality piece of kit that will last in your kitchen for years to come.

But there are other reasons too. The KitchenAid was first designed for industrial manufacturing, so they generally have power behind them that other mixers don't have. Also, it is expensive because of the sheer number of tasks it can perform, and different things it can help you make - from beating dough to making ice cream, shredding vegetables to grinding meat - there's really nothing it can't do with the right attachments!

So if you want to pick up a KitchenAid mixer - we'd say it's worth the price. And, at the moment, very well worth the discounted price!

So which KitchenAid mixers and mixer attachments will you be picking up?

Make sure to buy these ASAP - as these deals aren't guaranteed to be around forever!

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