Best coffee machine deals—how to find the lowest prices on the market

Snap up the best coffee machine deals with our expert advice

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Finding the best coffee machine deals is an essential for anyone who relies on their morning caffeine hit to wake them up, but there are few things to consider in the run-up to making that all-important purchase.

When it comes to finding the best coffee machine deals, the first thing to think about is how much of a price drop makes a worthwhile deal, which depends on the price point of the machine you want to buy. For a lower-end machine that comes in under $100, a saving of around $20 can be a real win. However, the very best coffee machine deals can be seen on higher-end products that come in over $100 and can cost anything up to $1000. These products usually offer a few hundred dollars off when they're on sale, so it's definitely worth waiting for a good deal to come along.

The price usually depends on what type of coffee machine you’re actually looking for, as there are so many to choose from. An espresso machine will give you an intense flavor hit and strong caffeine fix (a must-have for anyone who relies on their best eye cream to make them look more awake in the mornings), a drip coffee maker will give you that fresh taste and serve the whole household and a pod machine is a go-to for a quick, convenient cup of coffee. There are even specialized cold brew devices or you can get a two-in-one machine that grinds your beans before brewing.

It's also important to consider where you're spending your money if you want to really snap up the best coffee machine deals. Some higher-end retailers like Selfridges or Williams Sonoma are likely to keep their prices close to the product RRP and rarely offer many offers or deals, so it always helps to look around at online retailers or supermarkets . Department stores also make for a good option for sales and of course, specialized homeware stores like Home Depot, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Currys and Argos often have good sales or price drops available. Coffee experts Nespresso also offer some of the best coffee machine deals on their products at different times of the year—and they also tend to offer free gifts when you purchase subscriptions from them, which is a great way to save.

But perhaps the easiest way to snap up the very best coffee machine deals is to think about the time of year that you're buying. You'll make the biggest savings by waiting for the Black Friday coffee machine deals in the last week of November, but retailers tend to carry on these discounts during the run-up to Christmas. You'll also see cheaper prices throughout January as most retailers run various sales at this time. And look out for special events like Amazon Prime Day, which usually occurs twice a year, in July and October. The online store offers huge deals on a whole load of their products and there are usually some popular coffee machine offerings included.

The best coffee machine deals—Our top picks

Whichever type of coffee maker you're looking for, finding the best coffee machine deals is always essential. Here’s our round up of the best out there...

Espresso machine deals

best coffee machine deals, breville bambino plus

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1. Breville Bambino Plus

Best espresso machine

RRP: $499.95 (£399)
Machine type: Espresso
Water tank capacity: 1.9L
Reasons to buy
+Three-second heat-up time+Automatically adjusts water temperature for optimal espresso+Automatic steam wand that adjusts milk temperature and texture to your taste+Single and double espresso size options+Various colors available

If you're looking for a barista-worthy cup of coffee then this automatic coffee machine is worth some serious consideration. With a tamper included you can fill with your pre-ground coffee beans and it will brew your espresso for you without you having to put in too much work. It even has the option of a double espresso for those who need an extra caffeine hit!

Note: US machine is sold with Breville, UK machine is sold with Sage

best coffee machine deals, Sage Barista Pro

(Image credit: Sage)

2. Sage Barista Pro

Best coffee maker with grinder

RRP: $799.99 (£699)
Machine type: Espresso
Water tank capacity: 2L
Reasons to buy
+Three-second heat-up time+Automatically adjusts water temperature for optimal espresso+Automatic steam wand that adjusts milk temperature and texture to your taste+Clever LCD display+Memory function for personalization+Built-in grinder+Various colors available

This espresso machine will really do it all for you. Store your beans in the machine ready for whenever you want a brew and then the built-in grinder will give you the perfect amount of ground coffee for your favorite cup of java every time. The innovative heating time also promises an unmatched three-second heat-up time and the milk frother gives you beautifully silky milk. The memory function will let you personalize your go-to brew every time.

Note: US machine is sold with Breville, UK machine is sold with Sage

Pod machine deals

best coffee machine deals, Nespresso Vertuo Next

(Image credit: Nespresso)

1. Nespresso Vertuo Next

Best coffee machine with pods

RRP: $191.99 (£149)
Machine type: Pod
Water tank capacity: 1L
Reasons to buy
+Automatic blend recognition technology+One-touch brewing+Five coffee size options+30-second heat-up time+Phone connectivity+Various colors available

While espresso machines and filter coffee makers allow you to enjoy a fresh grind, you can’t deny the convenience of a pod coffee machine. And no-one does pod coffee machines better than Nespresso. If you’re after all the bells and whistles that the luxury brand offers, then the Lattissima Pro is our all-round best Nespresso machine. But if you want something that will give you the best possible pod experience, then we love the Vertuo Next. Not only does this chic machine look good on your worktop, it uses Nespresso's clever Vertuo pod system, which recognizes the type of coffee drink you want from the barcode of the pod you insert. So you can enjoy an espresso, double espresso, gran lungo, mug coffee or alto at the click of a button. Best coffee machine deals sales are also regular at Nespresso—bonus!

best coffee machine deals, Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

(Image credit: Keurig)

2. Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

Best small coffee maker

RRP: $99.99 (£135.81)
Machine type: Pod
Water tank capacity: 340ml
Reasons to buy
+Compact size+Various brew sizes+Spare pod storage compartment+Various colors available

Having a coffee maker that will make a good java is essential for many of us to start our mornings, but not all of us have the counter-top space for a big snazzy machine. That's where this dainty Keurig machine steps in. This single-serve coffee machine is so compact that it will take up no more room than a few soda cans and it'll still manage to brew smooth, tasty pod coffee for a lovely morning cup. It even contains secret pod storage that can hold nine spare pods, so could work well as a desk addition for your office.

best coffee machine deals, Nespresso Lattissima Pro

(Image credit: Nespresso)

3. Nespresso Lattissima Pro

Best Nespresso machine

RRP: $599.99 (£429)
Machine type: Pod
Water tank capacity: 0.9L
Reasons to buy
+One-touch brewing+Five coffee size options+25-second heat-up time for coffee+40-second heat-up time for coffee with milk+Programmable water hardness setting+Auto clean system+Folding drip tray+Various colors available

Any coffee enthusiast who wants to make quality java at home is likely to have tried a Nespresso machine at one point. And while there are so many to choose from, all of which come with different features and pod options, we love the snazzy Lattissima Pro, which lets you brew a ristretto, espresso, lungo, cappuccino or latte macchiato with just the touch of a button. It also has a removable milk carafe that automatically dispenses perfectly creamy milk and it has a memory function so you can personalize your drinks to exactly how you like them.

Drip coffee maker deals

best coffee machine deals, Kitchenaid drip coffee maker

(Image credit: Kitchenaid)

1. Kitchenaid drip coffee maker

Best drip coffee maker

RRP: $79.99 (£149)
Machine type: Filter
Water tank capacity: 1.7L
Reasons to buy
+Reusable filter with dosage ladder+1.7L carafe with unique pour spout design and lid+Removable water tank with dosage chart+Auto start function+24-hour programming options+40-minute warming plate+Various colors available

Snazzy pod and espresso machines mean that many of us have moved away from the good old filter coffee maker. Of course, there is an abundance of these on the market, but a few factors make this one of our favorite drip coffee makers. Firstly, as a Kitchenaid offering it looks seriously good on the countertop. And then comes the perfectly brewed coffee thanks to the clever 29-hole spiral showerhead, the 24-hour programming options and handy pause and pour feature that lets us stop in the middle of brewing to steal a quick cup. Plus the warming plate stays on for 40 minutes, which is longer than most!

best coffee machine deals, Smeg Drip coffee machine

(Image credit: Smeg)

2. Smeg Drip coffee machine

Best coffee machine to make your kitchen look good

RRP: $249.99 (£180)
Machine type: Filter
Water tank capacity: 1.4L
Reasons to buy
+Cup indicator level+Aroma intensity selector+Auto Start function+24-hour programming options+40-minute warming plate+Various colors available

A coffee machine can come with all the technical features and innovative systems you want, but with their bulky silhouettes and mechanic aesthetics, there's no denying that most of them don't actually look that good in your kitchen. So of course, that's where Smeg comes in. As part of their signature and highly coveted Retro Style range, they offer this drip coffee maker that boasts both brains and beauty. Compatible with ground coffee, it will brew 10 cups in its large carafe, has a LED display that will let you programme a brew automatically and keeps coffee warm for 40 minutes—longer than most other models. It also comes with two coffee brewing options so you can customise your brew to your desired strength.

best coffee machine deals, Bodum BEAN Cold Brew coffee maker

(Image credit: Bodum)

3. Bodum BEAN Cold Brew coffee maker

Best cold brew coffee maker

RRP: $16 (£61.90)
Machine type: French press
Water tank capacity: 1.5L
Reasons to buy
+Innovative locking lid system to prevent spills+Keeps coffee hot or cold+Uses plunger—no filters required+Various colors available

We all love an iced coffee, but recent years have seen a rise in cold brewed coffee. Instead of mixing a hot espresso with ice and cold milk, cold brew coffee results in a milder and less acidic refreshing brew that you can enjoy milk-free. This cold brew coffee maker comes with a silicone lid to preserve the coffee's taste while it’s brewing and a clever locking system to preserve the cool temperature and prevent drips. Simply brew, pour and enjoy.

Best coffee machine deals—price comparison

As with all coffee machines, there are always different deals around on our favorite coffee maker picks. To save you comparing retailer prices, we've picked out the very best coffee machine deals on our top models that are available on the market today. So if you see a price you like the look of, don't hang around because it might not be there tomorrow.

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