Amazon shoppers love Black + Decker's 'exceptional' handheld vacuum—and it's on sale

Just in time for allergy season

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Allergy season is upon us, which means a higher count of pollen and dust. As we sneeze our way through spring, finding a quality vacuum cleaner is essential for sucking up dust and dirt. 

Spring cleaning may have you decluttering your home, and as you move from cleaning your kitchen to removing grout from your bathroom, it's the dust and pollen buildup that can cause your allergies to act up. While a regular vacuum can is good for cleaning large spaces, when it comes to small corners and crevices, a handheld vacuum is essential.

Amazon shoppers cannot stop praising how well the Black + Decker Max Handheld Vacuum picks up dirt and dust. Rather than lug your heavy vacuum to pick up the small messes, this powerful compact design will get the job done and more (did we mention it's also on sale for $69?).

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Unlike most handheld vacuums, Black + Decker offers a design with a pivoting nozzle that can be adjusted up to 200 degrees. Depending on what kind of tight spots or tricky places you need to reach, this vacuum will aim to adjust to your ever-changing needs. The cordless design also makes it easier to move around without worrying about getting wrapped up in a cord.

The nozzle also incorporates a hidden brush which is convenient for switching between hardwood floors to carpet. It also helps with capturing pet hair easier too. Cleanups won't require you to constantly stop and empty the dust bowl as it can hold up to 15 ounces worth of messes.

Made with a lithium battery, this little vacuum was designed to last a while, and the brand claims it won't fade over time. When the battery runs low, then simply plug it in to recharge.

Even Amazon shoppers can't get over the power of this affordable alternative to high-end vacuums. Some have even described it as "exceptional" and "One of the best cordless vacuums I ever owned."

Another reviewer that has owned it for over five years says it's worked so well throughout the years, even claiming it as "far better and more robust than other 'dust busters' I have used."

Rather than let the dust collect in your home, consider using Black + Decker for your next spring cleaning project.

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