Rabbit vibrators vs clitoral stimulators: here's how to tell which one will give you a better orgasm

Let battle commence!

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Looking for a new sex toy to add to your arsenal, but not sure which one to choose?

For many women, the best vibrators (opens in new tab) to help them orgasm often comes down to a choice between two styles. And that's either one of the best rabbit vibrators vs clitoral stimulators. But deciding between a rabbit vibrator or clitoral stimulator can be tricky and may depend largely on your individual likes and dislikes. Plus, how you like to use it (opens in new tab).

Here, we’ll explore the main differences between rabbit vibrators vs clitoral stimulators. This means you can be sure to pick the best option for you. And, hopefully, it will result in many amazing orgasms (opens in new tab) in the future!

What is a rabbit vibrator?

Never tried a rabbit vibrator (opens in new tab) before and not sure what it is? “A rabbit vibrator is a vibrating sex toy. It's usually made in the shape of a phallus with a clitoral stimulator attached to the shaft,” says Annabelle Knight, sex and relationship expert with sexual wellness brand Lovehoney. “The name of the device is derived from the fact that the clitoral stimulator looks like a pair of rabbit ears. The shaft of a rabbit is long and smooth, perfect for pleasing the G-spot. While the clitoral tickler is flexible and often textured.”

The best thing about a rabbit vibrator is that they are so versatile. “Rabbit vibrators are designed to give more intense sensations than more traditional vibrators. They can provide simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation,” says Annabelle. “A rabbit vibrator can be used for solo pleasure (opens in new tab) or as part of partner sex.”Our in-depth review of the Happy Rabbit G-Spot Vibrator (opens in new tab) explains exactly how a rabbit can turn you on. And, trust us, it did!

What is a clitoral stimulator?

You may want to try using a clitoral stimulator (opens in new tab) instead. “These are vibrators designed to externally stimulate a woman's clitoris for her sexual pleasure and orgasm,” says Annabelle. “They are sex toys created for massaging the clitoris and are not penetrating sex toys. However, the shape of some vibrators allows for penetration and the stimulation of inner erogenous zones for extra sexual pleasure.”

Clitoral stimulators can be very powerful and an intense experience. “The main function of the clitoral vibrator is to vibrate at varying speeds and intensities,” says Annabelle. “Clitoral stimulators come in lots of shapes and sizes. Many of them are super-discreet shapes, which suit some women who prefer alternatives to phallus-shaped toys.”

Want to know more? We put one of the top clitoral stimulators, the Satisfyer Pro 2 Air Pulse Stimulator (opens in new tab), to the test. Spoiler alert: in all honesty it was amazing!

Rabbit vibrators vs clitoral stimulators: how your orgasm may differ

Which toy you select can make a difference to the type of orgasm (opens in new tab) you have. “Many women find they climax more easily with a clitoral stimulator,” says Annabelle. “This is because the external clitoris is the part of the body that contains the greatest density of nerve endings. So, when stimulated, it can lead to pleasure. Some women find their orgasms are more intense when the stimulation centres solely on the clitoris.”

But rabbit vibrators are still a good pick. “Rabbit vibrators can offer the best of both worlds – clitoral stimulation and penetration,” says Annabelle. “And what really makes the rabbit so popular is its ability to give you the sought-after ‘blended orgasm’. Blended orgasms are just for vulvas. These epic orgasms occur when both the G-spot and clitoris are stimulated at the same time. The experience is very intense.”

Rabbit vibrators vs clitoral stimulators: which is better for sensitivity?

Often feel pain during masturbation or sex (opens in new tab)? Then you may prefer a clitoral stimulator. “Clitoral stimulators are best suited to women who prefer to focus more on clitoral stimulation. This is perhaps because they can experience discomfort through repeated penetration,” says Annabelle.

“Clitoral stimulators come in a variety of forms and include the ever-popular wand vibrators (opens in new tab). Wand vibrators are now rivalling classic and rabbit vibrators in terms of popularity because many women find the intense vibrations. This is centred around the clitoris, and can lead to more intense orgasms.”

What to look out for when buying a rabbit or clitoral stimulator

If you need more help in deciding which rabbit vibrator to buy, then a good rule of thumb is to start small. That way you can always build up to something more intense later. Seen a sex toy and not sure whether it’s worth the investment? “Versatility is the key,” says Annabelle. “Choose a toy made from high-quality, non-porous materials that has a range of speeds and settings. This will mean you can find the right kind of stimulation to suit your body.” Want to use your sex toy in the shower (opens in new tab)? Then make sure you look for a waterproof pick.

The retailer you choose to buy from can also make a big difference. “Always buy from a reputable retailer that has a good returns policy. Plus, look for in-store experts who you can talk to, so you know you are buying a toy that perfectly suits your body,” says Annabelle. Shopping online? “Lovehoney has a team of experts working 24/7 on the phone and online. This means you can talk to an expert who can find exactly the right toy based on your sexual preferences.”

Rabbit vibrators vs clitoral stimulators: which is best for an orgasm?

So, which one should you pick? “It really depends on the person,” says Annabelle. “Lots of women love both types of sex toy. They might want a rabbit vibrator when they are feeling energetic (opens in new tab) and crave penetration. But they could opt for a clitoral stimulator for other times when they are looking for less vigorous pleasure (opens in new tab).”

Not sure which one you’ll be in the mood for? Buy them both! “It really is a case of trial and error and working out what suits you best,” says Annabelle. “Both types of toys are the go-to choice for many women.”

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