Yes, Crocs x Hidden Valley Ranch are actually a thing and we're in love with the wacky footwear

The best Crocs collab we've ever seen!

Hidden Valley Ranch Crocs inspired by the condiment
(Image credit: Crocs)

Ranch dressing can now be considered more than just a creamy side sauce. Hidden Valley Ranch Crocs are officially the latest campaign in the shoe company's expansion in collaborations.

The ugly shoe trend has never been cooler, especially since model Heidi Klum proved Crocs are now, apparently, fashionable. For anyone who can't go a meal without pouring a splash (or two) of ranch, then this collaboration was made for you.

The comfy-shoe brand teamed up with Hidden Valley Ranch and the streetwear brand The Hundreds to create a ranch-inspired version of its classic clog. The result? Off-white Crocs decorated with green speckles. They even come with Jibbitz shoe charms of food you can dip into ranch dressing, such as chicken nuggets, pizza, veggies, and french fries.

If you're already itching to snag a pair of these saucy shoes, it won't be as easy as clicking "add to cart." For those interested in sporting their favorite condiment, the shoes will be available through Crocs' drawing system. The lucky winners chosen will be able to purchase a pair of the new Crocs for $70. The drawing is open now but will closes on September 20th, 2021.

Saweetie wearing Hidden Valley Ranch x Crocs

(Image credit: Crocs)

Shoppers can also increase their chances of scoring a pair of Hidden Valley Ranch Crocs by entering the giveaway on American rapper Saweetie's Instagram. The winner can possibly win pizza, ranch dressing, and a pair of the coveted Crocs for free.

This isn't the first time Crocs has teamed up with a food brand. In the past, Crocs collaborated with the fast-food company KFC to create some 'finger-lickin' good' shoes (that even smelled like KFC). Unfortunately, for some, these Hidden Valley Ranch Crocs don't come with a sauce-inspired scent.

As comfy clothes increasingly dominate our wardrobes, Crocs have become one of the best shoe brands for a wardrobe update so get ready to kick back and relax in a pair of ranch-inspired shoes.

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