Tired eyes? Step right this way...

Best for: Double duty brightening

Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Crème, £30

Happy days! Ole Henriksen skincare is back in the UK and this silky cream is my pick of the (consistently excellent) bunch. It’s got vitamin C to fight pollution and a punchy citrus scent that could divide opinion, but definitely put a smile on my face.

Reviver rating: Gorgeous, all glossy and golden and rich like whipped butter. I spread it under both eyes and it quickly sank in and plumped my lines, leaving behind a touch of sunny, circle-disguising pigment and smooth base for makeup.


Best for: High-tech texture

Fresh Black Tea Firming Eye Serum, £62

Spendy, but the formula of this slippery gel stands up to scrutiny thanks to natural antioxidants and a peptide that tells tired old cells to behave like brighter, bouncier ones.

Reviver rating: It’s refreshing to find heavy-hitting ingredients in such a lightweight texture. Tap it on to make everything feel perky and pulled-in with a tiny suggestion of sheen. If you like rich creams you can layer up, but my skin loved this just as it is.

Best for: A fast fix

Benefit Roller Eye Bright Pencil, £19.50

Have you ever tried that old white liner in the waterline tip? Received wisdom suggests it makes eyes ‘pop,’ I’d say it usually looks a bit mad. This clever pencil works on the same eye-opening principle, but in a friendlier soft peachy tone.

Reviver rating: Not a long-term solution, but the right one for ‘that third Rioja was a mistake’ mornings. It glides nicely, no drag, instantly masks bleariness and sticks around all day without looking like it’s there at all.


Best for: De-puff & de-stress

Herbivore Botanicals Rose Quartz Facial Roller, £31.03

Isn’t she a beaut? These little rollers are big news right now, and like all the good things in skin come to us from Asia where they’ve been used in beauty rituals for centuries.

Reviver rating: If nothing else, this feels glorious. I chilled it in my fridge, rolled from nose to cheekbone and felt my puffy under-eyes and tension trundle away with it. Herbivore say rolling promotes smooth skin, I’ll wait and see on that one, but the ritual will leave you feeling cool and calm which is always a good look.