Almost half of British holidaymakers jet off to try new foods, research shows

british holidaymakers travel international food cuisines
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Britain is officially a nation of food-setters, according to new research.

Almost half of British holidaymakers now go abroad just to experience the local cuisine.

Indeed, most will plan their entire getaway around local dishes - everything from street food to haute cuisine.

british holidaymakers travel international food cuisines

More than half ‘love’ the chance to tuck into foods they’d NEVER try at home - with Caribbean, Vietnamese and Scandinavian top of their cuisine bucket lists.

And 27 per cent have gone even further by eating the likes of insects, fermented foods, dishes containing bodily fluids – and even live animals.

Commissioned by Travelzoo, the study of 1,000 UK holidaymakers identified Italy as the number one destination when it comes to travelling abroad for the food.

british holidaymakers travel international food cuisines

James Clarke, general manager for Travelzoo UK, said: ‘Increasingly, UK holidaymakers are travelling abroad with the primary aim of gaining new experiences - doing things they’ve never done before.

‘And as the research shows, food is right at the centre of this - it’s such a crucial part of understanding a country and its culture.

‘Images, blogs and videos give you a pretty good indicator of what a destination looks like, but there’s only one way to really experience the different tastes and smells of a country - being there.’

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The study also found two thirds consider themselves to be a ‘foodie’, with a particular interest in trying new dishes and enjoying authentic world specialities.

Half of those polled will routinely search which restaurants to visit or which dishes to try, before choosing where to visit next.

And 52 per cent said they prefer to eat at local independent restaurants to get the most authentic experience possible.

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More than one in five also seek out places where the locals tend to dine and 28 per cent like to try different street food dishes during a holiday abroad.

Might be time to plan your next foodcation!

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