Netflix is opening '90s video stores to release this trilogy

Take a trip to Shadyside for a limited-time

Fear Street London pop-up
(Image credit: Jeff Spicer/Getty Images/Netflix)

Before streaming services, watching a movie used to involve going to the movie store (remember those?) and hoping they still had that new release available for you and your family to watch. If you're feeling especially nostalgic this summer, Netflix is celebrating the release of "Fear Street" with three '90s movie store-inspired pop-ups.

The streaming service's take on the horror trilogy may help distract you from the shows leaving Netflix in June. Based on the books of the same title, this movie series aims to dole out horror in a bingeable fashion. To kick off its summer of scares, travelers can make a stop at the promotional pop-ups happening all across the UK.

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Fear Street pop-up London

(Image credit: Jeff Spicer/Getty Images/Netflix)

Starting July 2, 2021, you can now step into one of the three Shadyside Video Stores located in London, Brighton, and Newcastle for a "fear-inducing" interactive experience. 

Each movie in the trilogy takes place in different time periods (1994, 1978, and 1666), with the first following a group of teenagers in 1994. The teens discover that the strange and sinister events that have taken place in their town throughout the decades may actually be connected—with the next targets being them.

The movies take inspiration from the books but don't follow them exactly. Instead, the creators aimed to condense it down to three movies that aim to incorporate the "spirit" of the books. The actual book series consists of close to 51 main books. 

Fear Street pop-up Newcastle

(Image credit: Anthony Devlin/Getty Images/Netflix)

Netflix partnered with local artists including Alice Bloomfield (London), Pippa Toole (Brighton), and Cori Henderson (Newcastle) to realize their take on the books.

While you won't actually be able to rent movies from them, guests can dare to have their picture taken in the retro photo booth—which Netflix described as having a twist to offer—check out limited-edition merchandise inspired by the movies, and immerse themselves in the world of Fear Street. 

Then, on Saturday, July 3rd exclusive Fear Street tie-dye tee-shirts will be available as part of a collaboration with the luxury streetwear brand, Aries.

The pop-ups will close after Sunday, July 4th, but don't worry if you miss it—these themed stores will be back again Friday, July 9th until Saturday, July 10th to celebrate the release of the second installment in the trilogy, Fear Street Part 2: 1978, and tease the final installment of the series Fear Street Part 3: 1666.

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