5 Things You’re Bound To Argue About This Christmas

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  • Christmas. The happiest, most joyous day of the year…apparently. Meanwhile in reality, it’s barely 10am and Dad’s had one to many glasses of sherry, the children have consumed well beyond their quota of chocolate santas, and mum is stressing frantically over Christmas dinner. Next thing you know, arguments are erupting everywhere. Here are the most common feuds to (try) and avoid this Christmas..

    What Time To Open The Presents

    A classic. Traditionalists will insist on waiting…and waiting, and waiting. Children, however (if left to their own devices) will have them ripped open by the crack of dawn. Decide on a time the day before and stick to it if you really want to lay down the law.

    Children Whinging About Their Presents

    Christmas is supposed to be about family, peace and goodwill. Not iPads, Lego and Tumbling Stuart Minions. But teens and children need to be watched these days as some are even taking to social media to lament about the gifts they did or did not recieve.

    What To Watch On TV

    The Queen’s Speech MUST be seen by
    all at 3pm sharp. So say granny and grandpa. The twins however, have
    other ideas as Elf is back on AGAIN for the second time in a row. The
    evenings entertainment will natrually include the Downton Christmas
    Special…or maybe not, as someone has outrageously announced that it is
    in fact boring. And so it begins.

    Christmas Dinner Meltdown

    As teenagers lounge around with ear plugs in while others get tipsy on the champs, it is understandable that the head chef might go into complete and utter meltdown. Assigning everybody a Christmas job (or three) seems to be the way to go. That way no one gets stuck with all the hard work, and resentments harboured since 2001 don’t risk boiling to the surface.

    Cheating At Board Games

    You know who you are. At long last all is peaceful as the family wind
    down to a civilised game of Monopoly. Grandparents are
    delighted to see the young interacting in actual real life and all goes
    well until somebody decides to sneak a whopping £500 worth of fake money
    under the board. Shocking.

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