WIN! A Jaques Of London Croquet Set

Jaques of London, the oldest sports and games manufacturer in the world,
is offering one lucky woman&home reader the chance to win a
beautiful red Edenbridge croquet set (RRP: £499.99). Great for the whole
family, suitable for all ages and ability, this six player croquet set
is presented in a stunning, handcrafted, wooden box, complete with
everything needed to play the grand game.

Established in 1795,
Jaques of London is responsible for inventing and introducing some of
Britain’s favourite pastimes – including Croquet, Ping Pong, Ludo,
Tiddledy-Winks, Snakes & Ladders and Happy Families. The company has
been steered by eight generations of the Jaques family, and cousins
Emmett, Joe and Benjamin are currently at the helm.

Croquet sets
from Jaques of London are epitomised by quality and quirkiness. Ever
since John Jaques II introduced the game into England in 1851, the
company has been the world’s No. 1 manufacturer of Croquet. Moreover,
the highly memorable game of Croquet in Alice in Wonderland owes a lot
to Jaques of London – Lewis Carroll’s grandniece, Irene Dodgson, married
John Jaques III. Think Jaques, think croquet.

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