White Christmas - will it snow on Christmas Day 2020?

White Christmas - see the odds of snowfall for regions of the UK this Christmas Day...

White Christmas? Wide angle view of freezing cold winter morning with snowman
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White Christmas - like the song, we're all dreaming of one but will it actually snow this year on Christmas Day?

It's often one of the things that gets people placing bets on at the bookmakers but with stricter lockdown restrictions placed on most of the UK, even more will be hoping for a stay at home snow day.

So with Christmas just days away and too many of the best Christmas movies on Netflix to watch before the big day, hope has turned to a flurry of snow to bring Christmas cheer to millions of families...

The last blanket white Christmas was 10 years ago in 2020, when the majority of the UK recorded snowfall. and while 2017 was the last lucky year for snowfall - none of the snow settled.

And while bookmakers aren't holding their breath for a white Christmas, long range weather forecaster Exacta Weather, predicts there could be blizzards on Christmas Day followed by a freezing cold January.

So you might want to dig out your winter walking shoes

According to Ladbrokes, will it be a white Christmas?

  • Edinburgh - 2/1
  • Birmingham - 3/1
  • Glasgow - 3/1
  • Leeds - 3/1
  • Liverpool - 3/1
  • Newcastle - 3/1
  • Nottingham - 3/1
  • Oxford - 3/1
  • Belfast - 4/1
  • Cardiff - 4/1
  • Dublin - 4/1
  • London - 4/1
  • Manchester - 4/1
  • Southampton - 4/1
  • Bristol - 5/1

But with Christmas typically falling at the start of the snow-predicted period, the Met Office believes we're more likely to get some snow between January and March, rather than December.

Tom Morgan, meteorologist at the Met Office, said, "It's going to be dry for the vast majority of the UK, and it will be a cold and frosty start to the day, particularly for England and Wales.

"So there will be a seasonal feel in terms of white frost on the ground, but in terms of snow, we're not anticipating any on the ground for the vast majority of the country, unfortunately.

"It's going to be a frosty Christmas rather than a white Christmas."

He added, "It's a mild and wet start to the week in the south but turning much colder and sunnier for the Christmas period and I think everyone will notice that."

But some parts of the UK already saw snowfall at the start of December, so don't put away your winter warners just yet...

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