It's fiery Leo season—here's what to expect in 2021

Leo season begins once the sun exits Cancer season, here’s how to prepare for the next zodiac season

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Leo season has begun! Cancer season had us focusing on deepening our connections with those close to us, but with Leo season, don’t be afraid to put your own needs front and center.

If you’re finding expressing our thoughts a little difficult at the moment, Leo season may help combat Mercury in Cancer (until July 27 when it changes signs). Thankfully, Jupiter’s retrograde combined with the boisterous and confident sign of Leo will help push you outside your comfort zone.

With the planets constantly shifting, it may seem like checking your weekly horoscope is essential to staying up-to-date, but to help you better understand Leo season, we asked the experts for their advice. Astrologer Stephanie Powell gives us the low down.

What is Leo season?

All the planets enter a new zodiac sign at some point, but each planet moves at a different pace. For the sun, it changes zodiac signs every 30 days, meaning it’s exiting the sign Cancer and entering Leo for around a month. Astrologer Stephanie Powell explains that the sun represents our identity and as the sun switches signs, this can impact our focus.

“The sun is our identity, calling, and life purpose,” she told us. “In Leo, the sun reminds us that we deserve to be the center of attention and that it's okay to take up space. Leo is a playful sign that is very much associated with childlike joy. It's important to lean into your inner child and create space to just have fun.”

When is Leo season?

Typically, Leo season occurs on July 22 or July 23 depending on the year. This year though, the sun enters Leo on July 23, 2021, until around August 22. From there, the sun will shift into a new zodiac: the earth sign Virgo.

What can we expect from Leo season?

The sun is considered the ruling planet of Leo, which is a good thing! Stephanie explains that this causes an effortless flow between the two by allowing the sun "to perform its cosmic job to the best of its ability."


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That's not to say that there won't be any "celestial speedbumps" along the way though.

"While our confidence can naturally receive a boost, this Leo season, in particular, isn't without some celestial speedbumps. On August 3, the sun in Leo will sit opposite Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn brings harsh reality checks, responsibilities, and challenges. This is a day where we may feel like we're drowning in our responsibilities and it's easy to get caught up in negative thinking patterns," warns Stephanie.

On the bright side, this can help amplify your dedication to projects and responsibilities in your life. Rather than avoid them, this may be the best opportunity to tackle unfinished projects. Then, on August 7, the sun squares off with "wildcard Uranus in Taurus." While this planetary interaction can lead to breakthroughs, Stephanie also claims it can cause us to feel torn between old routines and embracing change.

"This is a day where nothing goes as planned and it's best to go with the flow. People will act before thinking, so, if you can, being patient will go a long way," she said.

How can we best prepare for Leo season?

Don't be afraid to embrace yourself. As a proud sign, Leo season encourages us to put ourselves first without feeling guilty.

"Are there ways in which you can hold space for yourself and make time for what matters most to you?" Stephanie said. "Selfishness isn't always a bad thing. There is no self-care without dedicating time for yourself."

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