Weekly horoscope: Monday 8th March - Sunday 14th March 2021

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Weekly horoscope, Monday 8th March - Sunday 14th March 2021

Weekly Horoscope: Aries


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You always speak your mind and are increasing your earning capabilities. Drive and dedication will make this transition fun, enabling you to fulfil all your career ambitions.

Weekly Horoscope: Taurus

Weekly Horoscope Taurus Star Sign

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If you’re embarking on a new relationship, give it a trial period before committing. Find out if you’re compatible, discuss ambitions, hopes and dreams for the future.

Weekly Horoscope: Gemini

Weekly Horoscope: Gemini star sign

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You’re making room for a more serene mindset, both at home and work. Avoid tactics that might alienate those who don’t see things through your rosy glow.

Weekly Horoscope: Cancer

Cancer horoscope

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Letting others take the lead takes the pressure off. Your partner has different priorities that make for an interesting day out and romantic adventures.

Weekly Horoscope: Leo

Weekly Horoscope: Leo star sign

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Plan a trip that will change your perspective and broaden your horizons. It’ll be an amazing adventure, as your priorities have changed during the pandemic. 

Weekly Horoscope: Virgo

Weekly Horoscope: Virgo star sign

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Expect the unexpected as new people could open doors that lead to a new beginning. A prediction could come true or you could fall in love at first sight. 

Weekly Horoscope: Libra

Weekly Horoscope: libra star sign

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You are feeling creative, and looking at decorating and furnishing your home. Painting a new piece of contemporary art will liven up the living room wall.

Weekly Horoscope: Scorpio


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You sense the way things are heading and how they’ll work out, but a fresh idea or approach to an old problem will set you on a more exciting path.

Weekly Horoscope: Sagittarius

sagittarius star

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Start opening up to your partner. Only by saying how you truly feel will your relationship blossom in a way that’s written in the movies. Allow your heart to sing. 

Weekly Horoscope: Capricorn

Weekly Horoscope: capricorn star sign

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Feeling excited about dating or romance? Arrange something you and a prospective lover will enjoy – a walk or a romantic meal. Do whatever your heart desires.

Weekly Horoscope: Aquarius

Aquarius horoscope

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Always ahead of your time, let go of past relationships. Look for a new job. New love will come into your life when you have fully released the past.

Weekly Horoscope: Pisces

Pisces horoscope

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You may need to purchase a new appliance as one has broken down, but check the fine print before you sign. A family event will take a lot of planning.

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