Why Prince William was nearly rejected from living with Kate Middleton in modest uni houseshare

The Duke of Cambridge was almost denied permission to live with Kate Middleton for their second year at the University of St. Andrew's

Why Prince William was nearly rejected from living with Kate Middleton in modest uni houseshare
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Prince William was allowed to houseshare with Kate Middleton for the couple's second year at university only after the landlord made a rare exception to one of her very strict policies. 

Prince William was almost denied permission to live with Kate Middleton for their second year at college – and no, it had nothing to do with the couple being unmarried. 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge first met – and ultimately fell in love – at the University of St. Andrew's in 2001, where they were both studying for a bachelor's degree in Art History. The pair also lived just a few doors apart at the same Halls of Residence, St. Salvator's (also known as 'Sallies'), giving them plenty of opportunities to bump into each other outside of class. 

After solidifying their friendship as Freshers, it's hardly surprising that the future spouses, who have recently moved from Kensington Palace into Adelaide Cottage, wanted to continue living together in their second year. 

In the summer of 2002, William and Kate, along with their two chums Fergus and Olivia, submitted an offer to rent at 13a Hope St, just a stone's throw from the university. The Victorian terraced house, with its two levels and perfect location, looked to be the ideal student pad for a quartet of friends – except for one major problem. 

Prince William

William and Kate at St. Andrew's 

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It's understood that the duchess received some disappointing news from the property's landlord, Charlotte Smith, when she went for a first viewing. Having previously had a negative incident with male tenants, the owner politely told Kate that she was now only allowing women to reside at her flat. 

"We’d had an unfortunate experience with some boys in the flat once before and we were determined not to have young men there again," Smith told ivillage.co.uk. 

"Broken furniture, broken windows – there was a lot of damage, so that put us off really.

"I said to this young lady we’d really rather not have more boys and she said, "What if I were to tell you that it was Prince William?"

After speaking the matter over with her husband, Smith had a change of heart and decided to take a chance on the future King. The risk ultimately paid off (in more ways than one!) and she never ended up having any issues with her royal tenant and his posh friends. Smith went on to praise William as a "very friendly, very charming...thoroughly nice man" who made no attempt to negotiate "the very reasonably priced rent." 

Kate and Will stayed at 13a Hope St for a full academic year, before moving into Balgove House in Strathtyrum for their final two years at university. The four-bedroom cottage belonged to Henry Cheape, a ­distant cousin of the prince, and is largely considered to be the residence where the couple truly cemented their love for each other. 

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