We are loving Kate Middleton's summer hair transformation - which includes the most subtle baby highlights

Kate Middleton's summer hair transformation is one of our favorite looks, and it's the perfect way to lighten up any hair color

Kate Middleton's summer hair transformation
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Kate Middleton's summer hair transformation is subtle but super effective, have you noticed how the Princess nails her summer transition?

Everyone watched in awe at Kate Middleton's hair transformation back in 2011, as she transitioned from Prince William's university girlfriend to the future Queen of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth. The major change to Catherine's look was really more about becoming more polished and adopting a bouncy blow-dry that had the perfect amount of volume as her signature look.

While the Princess of Wales is still partial to a bouncy blowdry, her style is now far more wide-ranging and Catherine's stylist isn't afraid to try out new looks on the Princess. From sleek off-duty ponytails to manicured updos for State banquets there really isn't a look that the Princess can't nail, and we are currently loving her recent hair transformation...But can you spot this subtle change?

Kate Middleton

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For the summer, Catherine's stylist has ever so slightly lightened up the Princess's hair with an array of baby highlights. Of course, the Princess has still retained her signature long chocolate brown locks, but there are now very delicate golden highlights within this style.

But how did the Princess of Wales achieve such a subtle look for the summer? Glamour reported, "To achieve this result, as is likely for Kate Middleton, a colorist uses a freehand technique such as balayage, painting very fine babylights into the hair with a brush. No foil is used—so that the result isn’t too strong—and the color is applied for a relatively short time. The result: gentle strands that look like they were kissed by the sun."

This means that the Princess doesn't have to deal with harsh lines in her dark hair that could be caused by blonde balayage or blonde highlights and instead has a gentle lighter look that adds to the Princess' summer style.

Kate Middleton's hair

Princess Catherine's hair in July VS in January 2023

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This isn't the first time that the Princess has experimented with her hair color, and although she always sticks to her signature brown base, she has experimented with slightly different shades of brown. In October 2021, Kate Middleton stunned fans with a new red hair color that was perfect for Fall

The Princess looked chic in this shade of auburn which complemented her skin tone and was a very on-trend look for the autumnal months. This change in tone suggests that the Princess of Wales' stylist is keen on color trends and enjoys a seasonal hair shade just as much as we do! We can't wait to see what she comes out with next!

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