Want Kate Middleton's bangs? Here's what to ask your hairdresser for, according to an expert

A hair expert has explained exactly how you can achieve Kate Middleton's bangs and precisely what you need to ask for at the salon

Here's exactly how you can achieve Kate Middleton's bangs and precisely what you need to ask for at the salon
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A Hair Expert has broken down Kate Middleton's bangs hairstyle as she explains exactly what to ask for at the salon.

Just a few weeks ago, Kate Middleton revealed her new haircut as she debuted one of the best bangs hairstyles we've ever seen. This was the perfect autumn look and many people are desperate to get this style at our next appointment - so what should you ask for? Alice Dawkins, Hair Expert at Milk + Blush has revealed to woman&home exactly how to achieve Kate Middleton's bangs and luscious locks at a hair salon.

"For anyone looking to achieve this style, ask for 70s volumised curtain bangs. Take some reference photos to the salon to ensure you and your stylist are on the same page about what you want," she said. 

"To copy the full look, ask for chestnut brown hair with golden and toffee highlights to achieve her candlelit look and style it with soft waves. Those with shorter hair can add hair extensions to replicate the length of the royal’s mane and test it out before committing to the style. Or if you’re fully committed, go for the chop and maintain the length and look of the bangs by getting your hair trimmed every six weeks," said Alice.

Kate Middleton

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The expert went on to explain exactly how to style the bangs so they look as bouncy and bold as the Princess's face-framing locks. "At home, style the bangs using a medium-sized round brush and hairdryer. Start with freshly washed hair and apply plenty of heat protectant. Then, wrap the bangs around the round brush, facing upwards and away from the face," she began.

"Continue to roll the brush to create the rounded shape, and then separate the bangs. Style each one by wrapping it over the top of the round brush and angle it upwards and outwards. Angle the hairdryer in the same direction, and then repeat on the other bang. Finish by flipping your head upside down to fluff up the hair and tame any frizz with a tiny bit of hair oil – and voila!" Simple! 

Kate Middleton

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The expert then explained how to make sure that your face shape matches your curtain bangs. "If your face has an oval shape like the Princess of Wales, then bangs are a great option, as volumised bangs that graze the cheekbone and narrow the forehead help to balance facial features," she said.

"Rounder faces can also rock thicker curtain bangs that sit at the cheekbone, as this adds dimension to create a more elongated face shape. For face shapes with more angular features, like square and oblong, bangs should be slightly shorter and sit at eye level, to soften strong jawlines. Meanwhile, adding smooth and swooping bangs cut just below the eyebrow to heart-shaped faces can balance a wider forehead and narrow jawline," she concluded.

So there you have it! A complete breakdown of how to achieve the Princess of Wales's stunning autumnal hairstyle - and how to make the cut suit you specifically!

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