Unstoppable Princess Anne carries out three royal engagements in one day during the UK’s record-breaking heatwave

The Princess Royal has long been known as hard-working, but Princess Anne proved herself unstoppable this week

Unstoppable Princess Anne carried out multiple engagements in one day during the hottest day ever recorded in the UK
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Anne, the Princess Royal, lived up to her reputation as being one of the hardest working members of the Royal Family this week as she managed to make three royal engagements in one day. If that wasn’t impressive enough, Princess Anne achieved this feat while the United Kingdom experienced unprecedented high temperatures, including breaking the record for the hottest day.

For anyone of any age, working during unprecedented high temperatures can be a struggle. But Anne, the Princess Royal, showed absolutely no signs of slowing down as the United Kingdom baked  in scorching temperatures this week.

The unstoppable Princess Anne, who at 71 would be forgiven for cutting back on some duties, even upped the ante and made three different engagements in one day.

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Anne first ventured into Wales, which saw its hottest ever day recorded in the same week, to visit the Royal Welsh Show.

The popular show, which takes place over four days, is described as pinnacle event in the British agricultural calendar and Anne didn’t let the heatwave stop her from enjoying herself.

She was seen socializing with various members of the public and even joked with a Welsh rugby team that she was available if they needed any extra players.

Her next engagement saw her arrive at Haven Herefords in Dilwyn to mark the 200th anniversary of Hereford Cattle breeders, EL Lewis & Son, which is the oldest family-run herd of Hereford cattle in the world.

Her busy day was then topped off with a visit to Ross-on-Wye, where she visited Safelane Global Limited, a company which specializes in clearing landmines and other unexploded ordnance like bombs and grenades.

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Anne has long established herself as a tireless worker.

On Princess Anne’s overseas tour earlier this year, the hard-working royal was dubbed an “absolute legend” as her dedication to her royal duties continued to attract praise from fans who compared her work ethic to that of her mother, the Queen.

Anne even kept working on the anniversary of her father, Prince Philip’s, death back in April, a selfless feat that had one fan on Instagram call her, “such a huge asset to the royal family.”

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