Princess Anne keeps working on anniversary of Prince Philip's death, paying tribute to victims of Australian bushfires and floods

Princess Anne keeps working to celebrate the Queen’s historic Platinum Jubilee, despite this being the anniversary of her father’s passing

Princess Anne keeps working and representing the Royal Family, despite it being the one-year anniversary of her father's passing
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Anne, the Princess Royal, has won praise from fans for continuing to selflessly and tirelessly represent her mother, Her Majesty the Queen, on a royal tour celebrating the historic Platinum Jubilee. On the anniversary of her father, Prince Philip, passing, Anne was busy paying tribute to victims of the Australian bushfires and floods.

While official social media accounts for Her Majesty and the Royal Family shared touching tributes to Prince Philip on the anniversary of his passing, Anne continued with royal duties.

Anne met with the families of two firefighters who died in Australia’s tragic Black Summer bushfires. Volunteer firefighters Geoffrey Keaton and Andrew O’Dwyer sadly lost their lives battling fires in the south west of Sydney in December 2019.

Princess Anne met with victims of Australian bushfires and floods

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Each man left a child behind, which resulted in a playground being built in their honor.

Despite the playground being over 60 miles away in Buxton, the Princess Royal travelled to visit it and pay her respects.

Anne touched on the tough times Australians have faced with extreme floods and bushfires over the last couple of years in her opening speech at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, a show she had previously opened back in 1988.

Anne's royal tour of Australia has won her heaps of praise online

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In her speech, Anne said, “I’ve seen how the past two years have been really difficult for the agricultural shows. Agricultural shows provide the opportunity for city children to learn about country life.”

Anne’s dedication to her duties and representing her mother despite it being an emotional anniversary for the family was met with huge praise and well-wishes by fans online.

As the Royal Family’s Instagram account shared images of Anne at the Royal Sydney Easter Show, commenters sang her praises, calling her “simply marvelous!”

Other comments included, “love this hard working woman,” and, “It’s lovely to see princess Anne in Australia for Platinum Jubilee. Such a huge asset to the royal family.” As well as, “the Princess Royal is soooo down to earth and is the busiest one!”

Anne’s Australian trip is on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen and will include a trip to Papua New Guinea where the Princess Royal will open a Women’s Resource Center.

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