'Tired' Kate Middleton says support from royal mourners is 'keeping her going'

The Princess of Wales has revealed that the support from royal mourners is helping her through the grief of losing Her Majesty the Queen

'Tired' Kate Middleton
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Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, has shared how much the support from royal mourners is helping her and the Royal Family in their grief following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. 

Prince William and Kate Middleton made their first trip to Sandringham since Queen's death. The Royal couple spoke with fans as they admired the many flowers, cards, and gifts that had been left for the Queen outside of the gates to the royal property.

While interacting with the large crowd that formed outside of the gates, one royal fan told mother-of-three Catherine that she was looking tired. 

The Princess responded sweetly, revealing just how much the support from the nation is helping her and her royal relatives through the difficult period. 

Hello! reported, "56-year-old Amanda Horn from Norfolk, told Kate: 'You look very tired'. The royal mum replied 'We are all very tired but the crowds and peoples’ support is keeping us going.'"

Kate Middleton and Prince William visit mourners at Sandringham

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Kate revealed that the Queen's death had greatly affected her and even spoke about crying to one fan. According to news.com.au, Fran Morgan, a fan in the crowd, said that Kate was overwhelmed by the number of well-wishers who had left cards. The Princess of Wales then revealed that she would not be able to read all of the cards because of how emotional she would become.

"She said she couldn’t believe how many cards and flowers there were. But she also said ‘'I can’t read them all or I would cry'," said Fran.

It was also reported that some fans asked after the Princess of Wales' children and how they were coping with the death of their great-grandmother. Reportedly Kate revealed, "The children are doing well and they are being looked after at school." 

One crowd member said that while chatting to the Princess, Kate revealed that she was still sending the children to school during this period, and it was Prince George who understood the significance of this loss, more so than his siblings. 

"She said they were keeping things as normal as possible for the children," revealed the royal fan. "She says the children were settling in well to their new school and Kate was grateful for the support. I joked I had to be quick because I had to do the school run and she said she was heading back to London to do it as well."

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