The unique connection between Princess Catherine and Meghan Markle's outfits at Queen Elizabeth II's funeral

The Duchess of Sussex and the Princess of Wales wore both outfits with a sweet connection at Queen Elizabeth II's funeral

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle's outfits
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Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle's outfits had a unique connection at Queen Elizabeth II's funeral service.

For the Queen's funeral, Meghan Markle and Princess Catherine both wore black versions of dresses they'd previously worn during engagements with the Queen.

Meghan wore the black version of the exact same Stella McCartney cape dress she wore four years ago during the celebration of the Queen's 92nd birthday.

For the funeral, Meghan's cape-like gown with wide slits for her arms was paired with elbow-length gloves. She also showed respect by wearing a black hat with a diagonal slant. 

This carefully curated fashion choice was finished off with a black pair of stiletto heels and semi-sheer tights. Her outfit was perfectly chic but understated and demure.

The Duchess also owns a navy version of the dress which she styles in a completely different way for the Queen's birthday four years ago. 

Meghan Markle

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In a similar fashion move, Kate Middleton decided to also wear a look that she had already been seen in before. During the Queen's Platinum jubilee celebrations, Princess Kate recycled a cream Alexander McQueen coat dress while she attended the Trooping of the Color. 

The Princess chose to wear a black version of the coat for Her Majesty's funeral, also opting to change the accessories.

Kate Middleton

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She wore a black hat with a netted veil that partially covered her face and a pearl necklace with matching pearl accessories including the signature, Kate Middleton pearl drop earrings that she has been seen wearing on numerous occasions.

Meghan and Catherine's outfits were both perfectly curated, echoing times they'd been in the company of the Queen during happier times. 

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