The reason Princess Eugenie left a seat empty in the front row of her wedding ceremony revealed

Princess Eugenie left a seat empty at her wedding ceremony to Jack Brooksbank in 2018 because of this strange tradition

Princess Eugenie
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When Princess Eugenie married Jack Brooksbank at Windsor Castle on October 12, 2018, the couple chose to leave an empty seat in the pews because of a bizarre royal tradition.

Princess Eugenie and Jack have just celebrated their third wedding anniversary. The Princess shared a post on social media with the caption, "Happy Anniversary my love.. 3 years today!!"

Although their wedding was three years ago, an interesting fact about their special day has just been revealed about the Princess' special day.

In images of the wedding, it is clear that there is an empty space in the front pew of the chapel. Reportedly, this chair was kept empty because of a weird royal tradition that involves the Queen.

According to The Sun, the Queen prefers to sit in the second row of seats at St George's Chapel in Windsor The outlet state that the Queen finds the first row, 'uncomfortable.' 

This makes sense as the people who sit in the front row of pews have their legs completely visible to the public, meaning that any fidgeting or change of position would be visible to the spectators.

Instead, the Queen prefers to sit in the second row of pews where she can still have a good view, but is a little further back from the action. 

However, protocol dictates that no one can sit in front of the Queen and obstruct her view. This, therefore, means that an empty seat must be placed in front of the Queen so that her view is not hindered, but she can still be comfortable throughout the service.

In the second row, the Queen was sat next to her late husband Prince Philip. Also on the row was Prince Charles, the oldest of the Queen's children, and his son Prince William who was sat next to his wife the Duchess of Cambridge.

Princess Eugenie

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Since their wedding, Princess Eugenie has given birth to a son who the couple named August Philip, after the late Duke of Edinburgh.

The couple's young son is one of the Queen's 12 great-grandchildren and is therefore twelfth in the royal line of succession.

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