The incognito name Kate Middleton uses to fly under the radar

Kate Middleton has previously used this incognito name to avoid her royal title

incognito name Kate Middleton uses
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Kate Middleton might be one of the most recognizable faces across the world, but when one shopkeeper failed to recognize the Duchess, Kate took the opportunity to use an incognito name.

Before Kate Middleton and Prince William moved to their London home, Kensington Palace, the couple lived in Wales from 2010 to 2013 as William worked as a search and rescue pilot for the RAF in Anglesey.

While living at their Welsh home, Bodorgan Hall, Kate visited a beach shop in the small resort of Rhosneigr in Anglesey. Despite being the future Queen, the owner Dave Buckland failed to recognize the Duchess of Cambridge when she entered his shop, which allowed her to keep a low profile after an embarrassing incident took place.

A source told the Mail that Catherine was just about to buy a wetsuit when she realized that she didn't have her purse with her. Instead, she asked the owner if she could put the wetsuit on hold and return later when she had her purse with her.

The source revealed, "He [Bucky] was happy with that, but then produced a pen and asked for her name. Perhaps she was trying to play down her destiny as future Queen, but she replied 'Mrs. Cambridge'."

This of course is a title that cannot be used for Her Royal Highness as her official title is 'the Duchess of Cambridge.'  Although Kate and William's children use the name 'Cambridge' as a surname at school, giving the title 'Mrs. Cambridge' would never be appropriate for a senior royal such as Catherine. 

Obviously, Kate wanted to fly under the radar without drawing attention to herself as the future Queen.  

"He was looking straight at her and actually commented that it was quite an unusual surname. He hadn’t a clue who she was. She just smiled and said she’d be back."

"He hasn’t lived it down since," concluded the source. It wasn't clear if Kate ever did go back for the wetsuit and when questioned the shop owner told the Mail, "Who told you that? I’m not saying anything. She’s entitled to some privacy. ‘I’ll just say I’m happy with the rumour."

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge visits the Blaenavon Heritage Centre

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Taking a leaf out of the Duchess' book, Kate Middleton's sister Pippa uses a fake name occasionally when she is booking taxis. Pippa doesn't have any royal titles but will sometimes use the name 'Lucy Middleton' so that drivers do not think they are picking up the sister to the future Queen.

Within the family, there are some sweet royal family nicknames that are used to casually refer to one another. However, none of these names are used in an effort to disguise their identity and are instead a sweet form of endearment between the royals.

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