Prince Harry’s ‘awkward and anxious‘ body language at US awards ceremony revealed by expert

Prince Harry seemed ‘awkward and anxious‘ according to a body language expert

Prince Harry's 'awkward and anxious' body language
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended the NAACP Image Awards in California and although he may have seemed relatively confident on stage, a body language expert has revealed the truth about the Duke's anxiety.

Harry and Meghan receive NAACP President’s Award while at this ceremony in Pasadena, California. The couple accepted this award from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Image Awards for their public service and humanitarian work.

Although the pair both spoke confidently and seemed comfortable on stage, a body language expert has revealed that in fact, there was a huge disparity between the comfort levels of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle.

“Harry’s body language on arrival looked rather awkward and anxious,” said Judi as she compared the Prince to Meghan and explained that his arm placement gave away his lack of confidence on stage.

“While Meghan’s confidence levels looked off the scale, the way he crooked his free arm rather than the one she was holding and placed the hand across his stomach in an anxious-looking barrier gesture suggested he had returned to that state we saw him adopt when they first moved to the US,” said Judi.

Judi explained that in comparison, Meghan was able to retain eye contact with the crowd and demonstrated her comfort in the spotlight. “Meghan’s posture was up right here at the awards and her shoulder splay reflected that sense of self-confidence. Her eyes greeted the audience and stayed with them apart from when she turned to glance at Harry as he spoke,” said Judi

Judi then explained that although some may see her hand being placed on her husband as a sign of being “needy” it was actually a sign of “serenity”.

“Her hand on Harry’s upper arm was neither clinging nor needy. Having dropped their signature hand-hold she opted for a much more relaxed and light-looking arm touch. Her rounded cheeks and her part mouth-smile, as well as her pose, suggested a sense of calm serenity,” said Judi.

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“Meghan dressed like a goddess for this ceremony and Harry presented her as one,” said Judi, who could plainly see the affection that the Duke of Sussex has towards his wife.

‘His body language accepting this award looked primarily like an homage to his wife. Bending slightly to read from autocue while she stood upright and elegant, facing the audience primarily as he spoke or turning to throw a smile that suggested endorsement for this praise and his sentiments,” she continued.

Judi concluded by saying that although Harry's nerves were evident on stage, his false attempts at confidence could not overshadow his honest admiration of his wife as he let her shine on stage. 

“Harry ‘presented’ her to the host with both hands, stepping back as he did so to again suggest she was the star of the show and he was there as support," said Judi. "His face was shiny, which again suggested nervousness, and his staccato movements, his rocking and the way he sucked his lips in, all added to that sense of inner pressure.”


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Continuing the humanitarian work that they were awarded for at the NAACP Awards, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle issued a heartfelt message to the people of Ukraine amid the rising crisis that has been emerging.

Similarly, Prince Charles has condemned Russia's 'brutal' invasion of Ukraine in a rare political statement, and other members of the royal family have followed suit and reached out to Ukraine.

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