The 'headache' Princess Charlotte is 'unwittingly' causing for her parents

Princess Charlotte's status as a 'fashion trendsetter' may be causing concern for her parents, the Prince and Princess of Wales

Princess Charlotte's status as a 'fashion trendsetter' may be causing concern for her parents, the Prince and Princess of Wales
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Princess Charlotte has quickly become a fashion trendsetter over the years, and some royal experts have suggested that this may be a cause for concern for the Prince and Princess of Wales.

After making a number of public appearances this year at major events such as the Coronation and Wimbledon, there has been an increase in interest in Princess Charlotte's clothing and where some of her wardrobe items are purchased from. However, this attention from the press about her fashion and style choices, may be causing a 'headache' for the Prince and Princess of Wales.

A recent article from the Daily Mail said that Princess Charlotte has become 'an unwitting fashion influencer at the age of eight' and said that this was ' a headache for Prince William and Kate,' who had concerns about what this might mean for their daughter.

Princess Charlotte

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Kate Mansey, royal writer and Assistant Editor of The Mail on Sunday commented, "The last thing the Waleses will want is for Charlotte to become a fashion trend setter. They're already treading a delicate balance between allowing the world to see their children, allowing the public to have a relationship, while protecting their privacy."

Kate added that Princess Catherine has already faced this problem and has had to find ways around this attention. "We've already seen Kate choose clothes for photoshoots that aren't the latest season's trends no doubt for that very reason," she concluded.

Princess Charlotte of Wales is seen during Trooping the Colour on June 17, 2023 in London, England. Trooping the Colour is a traditional parade held to mark the British Sovereign's official birthday. It will be the first Trooping the Colour held for King Charles III since he ascended to the throne.

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Royal Editor for woman&home, Emma Shacklock, added that a primary concern for the royals is the additional 'scrutiny' that the young royal will face because of this status as a 'royal fashion icon.'

"The Prince and Princess of Wales might well become more conscious, particularly as she grows up, about whether coverage of Princess Charlotte’s fashion choices could be overshadowing the charities and organisations they and she support and the duties they perform," said Emma. "They will also be very aware that certain choices or becoming a royal fashion icon could mean their daughter faces even more intense scrutiny at a young age and could want to try and minimise this for her."

"However, the Waleses are most likely already very used to striking this balance with the Princess of Wales," said Emma. "Like her children, she is often dressed more timelessly and can be seen honouring particular brands or paying tribute to certain causes, occasions or family members through her jewellery in particular.”

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