The 'burden' the Wales children can all 'share' for the sake of Prince George's feelings

Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis may be able to help Prince George with the pressures of his destiny as King

burden Prince George
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The Royal Family hope that Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will be able to share Prince George's burden of the pressures of his future as King, according to a royal expert. 

Despite the fact that Prince George said to be 'surprisingly comfortable' with the realities of what lay ahead for him as a future monarch, it's still a fact that the pressures of the responsibilities he will have to face some day are no doubt a little overwhelming for a 10-year-old boy. 

Young Prince George, who marked his 10th birthday earlier this month, is second in the royal line of succession, after King Charles and father, Prince William, and is said to be well aware of the shoes he will fill some day.

However, a royal expert has pointed out the importance of Prince George receiving support from his younger siblings, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. 

burden Prince George

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Speaking to US Weekly, journalist Christopher Andersen highlighted just how vital it will be for George to be able to lean on his brother and sister to ease the pressure of what his life will bring him. 

"[The Palace] have to think about George’s feelings in relation to his siblings. George has all this pressure. He has these two siblings who can help him - who can ease some of the pressure and share some of the burden," Christopher said. 

Meanwhile, Christopher also claimed that it's crucial that Charlotte and Louis don't feel as though they are being outshined by their older brother or grow to feel like a 'spare' like their uncle Prince Harry has revealed he did in his bombshell memoir. 

"By the same token, they [Charlotte and Louis] don’t want to feel sidelined. They don’t want to feel invisible in his shadow," the expert said, adding, "The royal family does not want another kid writing a book … another edition of Spare."

burden Prince George

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It's also been reported that his family's rollercoaster of events over the past year has allowed him to see first hand the responsibilities both he and his parents hold, what with the death of Queen Elizabeth II followed by King Charles's coronation.

Speaking to OK!, royal expert Tessa Dunlop explained, "A lot has happened in the last 18 months for the Royal Family and they can't possibly protect him from all of it, there's been huge events, the Queen has died and that has pushed William and Kate up a gear, up a rank and by definition George as well. 

"And he'll be aware of that, and I get the impression that he's almost accepted to an extent."

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