Special new job for Camilla as she takes ownership of some of Queen's most beloved assets

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New job for Camilla as she takes on some of Queen's most beloved assets
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Queen Camilla has been given co-ownership of Queen Elizabeth II's beloved collection of racehorses in a royal history first, according to the late monarch's trusted bloodstock advisor. 

King Charles III and Queen Camilla will share ownership of Queen Elizabeth II's racehorses from this point onwards, as reported in the Racing Post.

The Queen was known for her passion for the equestrian sport, having spent a great deal of her life breeding and selling racehorses after falling in love with the majestic animals as a child. 

According to a statement released by Buckingham Palace after Her Majesty's death in September 2022, King Charles III was "honored" to inherit over 100 of his mother's cherished racehorses. 

However, the month after the 96-year-old's passing, it was widely reported that Camilla would take on Queen Elizabeth II's horses as part of the King's new 'slimmed down' monarchy. The 75-year-old is known to be far more interested in horseracing than her royal husband, whose polo days ended in 2005 after suffering from ongoing injuries. Like her late mother-in-law, Camilla started riding young and has been attending racing events for decades. 


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"Camilla obviously adores horses and is hugely passionate about racing. She really loves it, particularly Cheltenham – the jumps," a senior racing source told the Mail Online shortly after the Queen's passing last year. "I think there’s a pretty clear plan [for Camilla to inherit Her Majesty's stock], given the Queen’s passion and love for racehorses."


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The Queen's former racing manager, John Warren, has since confirmed that Charles and Camilla will divide the important responsibility of continuing Her Majesty's passion. The Queen Consort is now named on the updated registration of the ownership of the horses, marking the first time in history that a monarch and their consort have shared the job. 

Speaking to the Racing Post, the royal bloodstock expert said, "The horses will be running in the name of His Majesty The King and Her Majesty The Queen Consort going forward." 

The exciting news comes just a couple of weeks after it was announced that the King and Queen Consort had hired a new trainer for the late monarch's racehorses. Ralph Beckett, who has previously worked with Charles and Camilla before their ascension to the throne, has reportedly been sent four two-year-old horses to train before the new flat season begins in mid-March. 

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