Sophie Wessex leather dress breaks royal protocol - but not in the way you might expect

Sophie Wessex leather dress may have raised a few eyebrows, in light of how daring it is, but it breaks protocol for a different reason

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Sophie Wessex leather dress is a decidedly daring look for a working royal, but interestingly enough - the dress isn't what broke royal protocol. Instead, it was removing her coat that's considered a huge faux pas according to royal rules. Here's what that means and how to get the popular royal's incredibly chic look too.

Sophie Wessex leather dress wowed those who attended her official visit at the Brainwave charity, in Bridgwater, Somerset. The fashion-forward royal showed that dressing smart needn't be frumpy. However, the lady of Bagshot Park may have pushed things a little too far with her outfit. Not owing to what she wore, but what she didn't wear.

Per reports from Harpers Bazaar, it's seen as 'unladylike' for female members of the Royal Family to remove their coats in public. This is why you may have noticed that the ladies of The Firm are often spotted fully zipped up while their male counterparts have removed their coats or not worn them at all. And there was us thinking they just felt the cold a bit more!

It goes without saying that the much loved Countess was all smiles as she chatted to the workers and members of the charity, which is celebrating 40 years in operation. Brainwave is an organization that aims to help children with disabilities and additional needs achieve greater independence by aiming to improve mobility, communication skills, and learning potential through a range of specialist therapies. 


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This easy to wear pleather number certainly rivals Sophie Wessex leather dress and can be worn with or without something underneath.

The chic black sleeveless midi length leather dress - which was paired with a burgundy jumper underneath it, brown boots and one of her classic clutch bags - is yet another fashion win from the stylish countess.

Of course, she's not the only one in the family keeping up to date with the latest looks. It appears that she may be out on her own slightly with the shades chosen on this occasion as, of late, senior royals have been enjoying more earthy tones.


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This genuine leather number is absolutely stunning on its own or paired with a fitted top or poofy-sleeved blouse underneath.

Examples include Princess Anne's khaki coat and Kate Middleton's khaki trench coat which were an absolute hit during their recent engagements.

There's no denying that a lot of change is going on within the Royal Family. Perhaps this move from the Countess is a sign that outdated protocols, like this one, might be on the way out as a part of the British monarchy's latest evolution.

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