Remember when Prince George surprised the Queen with an unusual skill in *that* hilarious video?

It's Christmas so we're rewatching Prince George making his great-grandma giggle, and it's too cute!

Prince George
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Prince George left his great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II in fits of giggles with his vigorous mixing while making Christmas pudding in an unearthed video from 2019. 

While being filmed at the Royal British Legion's Together at Christmas initiative in 2019, Prince William could be seen pouring currants, raisins, and fruit into the bowl for six-year-old George to mix. But his overly vigorous stirring prompted the late Queen and then Prince Charles to step back and share a giggle.

The four royals stirred four puddings together - which traditionally brings good luck - and each placed commemorative sixpences into the mixture, ready to be found by those attending the gatherings the following year.

The video has been reshared on social media and fans are loving the Queen's reaction to George's stirring. One commented, "Love the way Her Majesty shuffles Prince Charles off when George starts stabbing at the cake mixing hard lol, proper Granny, lovely Video."

Another added, "I think that’s a ‘take cover Charles’ moment." A third added, "Absolutely normal grandma behavior. I wouldn’t want Christmas pudding all over my dress either."

Baking is something that's always been prominent in the household of the Prince and Princess of Wales. Kate has been open about the fact she enjoys baking and loves getting the children involved too. For the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June, she shared a video of Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis making cupcakes.

The video montage of pictures shared on their official Instagram page read, 'Baking cakes for the local community in Cardiff to enjoy at a Platinum Jubilee street party taking place today! We hope you like them!"

Prince George

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The Princess of Wales has also admitted that it's become a tradition for her to bake her children a cake on their birthdays. "I love making the cake," she told TV cook Mary Berry in 2019. "It's become a bit of a tradition that I stay up 'til midnight with ridiculous amounts of cake mix and icing and I make far too much. But I love it." 

And back in 2020, when the country was in lockdown thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, Prince William admitted he'd taken up a new hobby in the form of baking.

The Prince of Wales confessed he's concerned about his "waistline" after developing an unhealthy obsession with baking during lockdown. He admitted, "I'm worried about the waistline of the nation as well with all the chocolate and cakes. I've done a lot of baking at home. Chocolate goes down very well."

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