Queen's 'megawatt smile' after hospital stay reassures concerned fans

The Queen was all smiles during her latest appearance at Windsor Castle

Queen's 'megawatt smile' after hospital stay reassures fans
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The Queen was seen smiling and joking during her latest engagement, just one week after she was admitted to hospital for 'preliminary investigations'. 

The Queen's cheerful humor in her latest public engagement has reassured her legion of fans, bringing a glimmer of hope to her chances of making a full recovery after her recent hospital stay. 

Her Majesty's health has been the subject of much concern this month, with the cancellation of multiple appearances raising alarm bells over the monarch's ability to continue working. 

These worries escalated on Wednesday when the Queen pulled out of the COP2 climate summit due to take place in Glasgow this weekend after being advised by doctors to rest at home. She is currently taking it easy at Windsor Castle, where she is performing "light duties" such as attending to her red dispatch box and holding virtual audiences. 

With so much talk about the Queen's fragile condition, fans were heartened to see the Head of State bright-eyed and smiling during her most recent engagement. The 95-year-old popped up on a Zoom call on Tuesday to virtually present her Gold Medal for Poetry to David Constantine, who was handed the prize by Poet Laureate, Professor Simon Armitage, at Buckingham Palace.  

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Wearing a floral dress and a pearl necklace, the Queen looked radiantly happy throughout the engagement and even showed off her witty streak at one point. 

"I'm very glad to have the chance to see you, if only mechanically this morning!" she joked. This positive spirit was undeniably encouraging for royal fans to see, especially so soon after the Queen's overnight hospital stay last week. 

Her Majesty also hinted that she's not too fussed about the medal itself, asking David, "I don't know what you do with it, do you put it in a cupboard?" This carefree attitude was yet another sign that the Queen isn't too stressed about her recent health issues - and fans were quick to take note. 

"HMTQ's megawatt smile never fails to make me smile right back at her!" one excited person wrote. 

"Her Majesty's smile makes my day!" another commented. 

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While the Queen will not be attending the COP26 climate conference in person, she still plans to make her presence known via a recorded video message. The Royal Family will also be represented at the high-profile summit by Prince Charles, who is expected to deliver a speech at its opening ceremony on Monday. 

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