Queen’s ‘fragile’ condition sheds doubt on Harry and Meghan’s Christmas visit

The Queen is reportedly planning a quieter Christmas this year due to her declining health

Queen's 'fragile' condition sheds doubt on Harry and Meghan's Christmas visit
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The Queen may not be able to host her traditional Christmas party this year due to her worsening health issues, royal insiders have revealed. 

It’s no secret that the Queen has had a difficult year, having lost Prince Philip in April amidst the ongoing family rift between her younger relatives. 

If that wasn’t stressful enough, she’s been forced to grieve the tremendous loss of her royal consort husband without the usual support of her loved ones, thanks to the pandemic’s travel restrictions and social distancing practices. 

The news that Meghan and Harry are to baptize Lilibet in an Episcopal ceremony in California rather than at Windsor Castle is expected to have come as yet another blow for the 95-year-old monarch, whose health has reportedly gone downhill in recent months. Having still not met her great-granddaughter, the Queen will likely be itching to gather the Royal Family together soon rather than later.

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It was widely reported that Meghan and Harry were to bring Lilibet home for Christmas for their first trip as a family since they emigrated to the US in early 2020, but it looks like this reunion may no longer be on the cards.  

The Queen is said to be planning a low-key celebration for the festive season this year, in replacement of the extravagant bash she traditionally hosts at Sandringham House

“The Queen has suffered a lot this year, including the death of her beloved husband,” a royal insider told the Sun. "She is becoming a little less resilient and needs a little more help—although she is doing well for somebody of her age.” 

With just over half a year to go until the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, royal assistants have been doing everything they can to keep the monarch’s energies up. As well as ensuring she avoids steps and cobbles, they will now always drive her vehicles as close as possible to venues. 

The Queen was spotted using a walking stick at Westminster Abbey last week, further fueling the rumors that her mobility is on the decline. 

Queen in Wales 2021

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"Her courtiers have noticed the Queen becoming more weary and perhaps more fragile than she was—and who could be surprised?" the insider added. 

It's hoped that Her Majesty will feel better with some small lifestyle changes, including the removal of one unhealthy habit from her routine. The Queen has been urged by doctors to quit alcohol in her ninetieth decade, which means saying goodbye to her daily dry martinis once and for all. It also marks the end of her relationship with high-end champagne, which she reportedly enjoys on occasion before bedtime. 

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