Queen's Cartier brooch stuns at Chelsea Flower Show - but wait until you hear who gave it to her

The Queen's Cartier brooch was on full display at the Chelsea Flower show as Her Majesty showed off her sapphire and ruby piece of jewellery

Queen's Cartier brooch
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The Queen's Cartier brooch, made from sapphires and rubies is one of Her Majesty's most cherished jewelry items and has a very sentimental meaning behind it.

The Chelsea Flower show was attended by the Queen and other members of the extended royal family on Monday, May 23. At the show, the Queen used a mobility aid in order to help her get around as she has suffered recently from episodic mobility problems. 

Fans commended the Queen for opting for this practical option and allowing herself to still enjoy the event while also taking precautions to ensure her health ahead of the Platinum Jubilee weekend.

For the engagement, the Queen wore a lovely all-pink ensemble and accessorized this look with a pink, red, and blue brooch from Cartier. The stones on this brooch were arranged to look like a set of two flowers with delicate petals that were mounted on a golden stem. 

The floral brooch was the perfect look for the flower show, but the significance of this item goes even further when considering who gave the Queen this item.

Queen's Cartier brooch

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The Queen's Cartier brooch was actually a gift from the Queen Mother and King George VI who gave their daughter this gift as a 19th birthday present. This item has been seen on the Queen on a few rare occasions over the years such as in the Christmas Broadcast of 1990 and a visit to Australia in 2011.

It seems that despite receiving this gift almost 77 years ago, the Queen has kept this cherished gift safe and continues to wear it decades later.


Queen in Australia in 2011

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The official name of the item is the Sapphire and Ruby Flower Spray Brooch and it consists of two flowers, one pink with pink sapphires and rubies in the middle, and one blue made from blue sapphires with a diamond center. The brooch also has a matching set of small flower earrings, but these have not been seen on Her Majesty for some time.

The piece of jewelry is most certainly one of Queen Elizabeth's most incredible brooches and given the sentimental meaning behind it as a gift from her late parents, it is clear why the Queen still favors this item.

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