Queen uses mobility aid at Chelsea Flower Show and fans commend her for 'brilliant idea'

The Queen used a stylish mobility aid at the Chelsea Flower Show to help combat her episodic mobility issues while attending this event

Queen uses mobility aid
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At the Chelsea Flower Show, photographs of the Queen using a buggy as a mobility aid emerged as it became clear that the monarch needed assistance when visiting this garden show engagement. 

The Chelsea Flower show is a London flower show showing new landscape design ideas and horticultural innovation. This is an event that is often frequented by royals. On Monday, the Queen was joined by members of the extended royal family including Princess Beatrice, Princess Alexandra, Prince Edward, and the Countess of Wessex at this event. 

Due to the Queen's ongoing mobility issues, the Queen opted to use a buggy to help her get around the Royal Hospital Chelsea to view the extensive gardens and flower displays. 


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Previously the Queen's mobility issues have sparked concern from fans, but on social media, after the photos of the Queen on the buggy emerged, there was nothing but support for Her Majesty.

"Brilliant, so much better than struggling to walk 🙏" said one fan. "Well done, Your Majesty. There’s nothing wrong with some comfort 🕊✨💐" said another.

A third added, "Brilliant BRILLIANT idea for the buggy. ❤️"

Another added that it was particularly moving that the Queen was able to attend this event, as 2022 is the Queen's Platinum Jubilee year. "This makes me so happy to see that the queen made it to the Chelsea flower show on her celebratory jubilee year 💐❤️" said the fan.

The buggy used to transport the Queen is reportedly worth around £62,000 and features an infotainment screen and an all-weather roof. This was the perfectly stylish mobility aid that allowed the Queen to still be involved in this event without suffering. 

While at this event the Queen was given a tour by Keith Weed, President of the Royal Horticultural Society. Included in the show was the Mind Garden with an eco-therapy house for those with mental health problems, the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Garden which was created in celebration of the Queen's 70-year reign, and the RAF Benevolent Fund Garden which supports veterans and their families. 

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