The designer handbag sacrifice Kate Middleton made for the Queen revealed

The Duchess of Cambridge made an unusual fashion compromise to impress the Queen at the Chelsea Flower Show back in 2019

Kate Middleton's handbag sacrifice for the Queen at Chelsea Flower Show revealed
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Kate Middleton was so determined to impress the Queen at the Chelsea Flower Show that she compromised the condition of her designer handbag, onlookers have said. 

  • Kate Middleton sacrificed her designer bag to impress the Queen at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2019, according to onlookers. 
  • The Duchess of Cambridge reportedly shoved loose twigs and leaves into the purse before Her Majesty arrived, in hopes of wowing the monarch with her first-ever professional landscaping design. 
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Kate Middleton made a wild fashion sacrifice to impress the Queen at a past royal event, according to onlookers. 

The sweet gesture dates back to 2019 when Her Majesty attended the Chelsea Flower Show to inspect the Duchess of Cambridge's latest creative project - a woodland oasis inspired by her childhood growing up in Reading. 

Kate, 40, had teamed up with landscape architects Andrée Davies and Adam White to design the Back to Nature Garden, an idyllic leafy pathway complete with a traditional treehouse and a rope swing, and was understandably eager to show off her accomplishment to her royal grandmother-in-law. 

Never one to indulge her ego, the Duchess appeared rather nervous ahead of the Queen's arrival - so much so, that she even made some last-minute adjustments to the garden. 

Kate Middleton

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Onlookers have said that the mom-of-three did a hasty sweep of the exhibition before Her Majesty showed up, tidying loose twigs and leaves and shoving them into her designer handbag in an effort to make everything look flawless. 

The Duchess then ditched the foilage-filled purse to greet the Queen, before giving her a personalized tour of the green oasis. 

By the looks of the 96-year-old's expression as she walked slowly around the garden, Kate needn't have been so worried. The Queen smiled and nodded throughout the tour, seemingly genuinely interested in the Duchess's impressive creation. She likely also approved of Kate's emphasis on sentimentality, which included using sticks and pine cones from Amner Hall to create the garden's tepee-style den. 

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