Queen urged to change line of succession as Princess Anne ‘would make a far better monarch’ than her brothers

The Queen has been urged to change the royal line of succession by fans who want Princess Anne to rule instead of Prince Charles

Queen urged to change line of succession
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The Queen has been urged to change the royal line of succession as fans want Princess Anne to have more power than Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

Princess Anne is 17th in line to the throne, behind her younger brothers Prince Andrew and Prince Edward. This is because of a now-outdated law that means that the male heir in the royal family is placed ahead of their sister. 

When Prince George was born, this rule was removed which means that his younger sister Princess Charlotte is next in line to the throne after her brother, and is ahead of her younger brother Prince Louis.

Despite the fact that the Royal Family has acknowledged that this rule is sexist and outdated, Princess Anne is still lower in the line of succession than her brothers, despite being much older than both Edward and Andrew.

It has now recently been suggested by some readers that Princess Anne's place in the royal family should be re-evaluated. This has been a particular talking point at the moment as Prince Andrew was recently stripped of his military honors and HRH title by the Queen who is ‘at a loss’ with Prince Andrew over the allegations of sexual abuse made by Virginia Giuffre.

Princess Anne Prince Charles

The Queen, Prince Charles and Princess Anne

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An Express reader has suggested that perhaps now is a good time to retroactively change the rules that dictated Princess Anne's position in the royal family.

The reader said, "Now is the time to right a wrong and end discrimination against our excellent Princess Anne.

"Purely because she is female Anne has been kept beneath her two younger brothers in the line of succession.

"This is the exact time that she should take her rightful place given that females are now and for some time have been considered equal to males.

"This would also have the positive effect of making Andrew even more minor in his royal position.

Another fan commented, "Exactly. She would work, and already has worked, harder than Charlie-boy and would make a far better monarch than any of them when the Queen's life comes to an end."

It is well known that Princess Anne is the hardest working royal who carried out 387 official engagements in 2021. Although this was only two more than her brother Charles, fans still believe that the royal's efforts to support the family should be recognized and her position in the line of succession should reflect this.

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