Prince Harry and Meghan Markle pay tribute to Princess Diana with new Delaware company

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have named their new publishing company after one of the late royal's favorite songs

Harry and Meghan pay tribute to Diana with their new company
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have made a sweet tribute to the late Princess Diana with their latest business venture, according to royal sources. 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have paid tribute to Princess Diana with their new business, Orinoco Publishing LLC. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex reportedly named the US publishing firm, which was established in 2020, after one of the late royal's favorite Enya songs. 

It's understood that Diana loved Orinoco Flow, the Irish singer's 1988 breakout single, having likely resonated with its lyrics about travel and freedom. Harry also revealed his mother's love of Enya in a 2017 ITV documentary, recalling how she would listen to the reclusive vocalist in her BMW with the roof down. The news of this sweet gesture comes shortly after it was announced that Prince Harry fears for his family's safety in the UK because of security concerns

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Princess Diana loved Enya 

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Harry and Meghan set up the company in Delaware, over 2,000 miles from their residence in Santa Barbara, California, along with 10 other businesses. The royal entrepreneurs, who share an estimated net worth of £10m, are reportedly hoping to expand their interests across the United States this year—and it looks like that starts with building a base on the East coast. 


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Like many savvy capitalists, Meghan and Harry have chosen Delaware, a known tax haven, to incorporate their new companies. The tactical decision will allow the couple to enjoy lower tax rates and more flexible corporate laws, as well as the right to anonymity over the ownership of their businesses. 

Along with Orinoco Publishing LLC, the couple has also set up Peca Publishing LLC in Delaware. Peca, which is the Spanish word for 'freckle', was first founded in 2020 and once held the rights to her children's book, The Bench. It's likely that the company's unusual name refers to Meghan Markle's first book, A Face Without Freckles, which she wrote in eighth grade. 

Meghan and Harry have achieved significant financial success since emigrating to the US in January 2020, signing lucrative deals with both Netflix and Spotify shortly after their arrival. The couple has also founded Archewell, a public organization that includes their nonprofit, the Archewell Foundation, as well as their media companies, Archewell Audio and Archewell Productions. 

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