Queen unable to walk her dogs for a week since being discharged from hospital stay

The Queen has had to miss her favorite daily excursion with her beloved dogs

Queen dogs
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The Queen has been unable to walk her pet dogs for nearly a week after a hospital visit last week has meant she needed time to rest and recover.

It has been reported that since the Queen spent a night in hospital last week, she has now been recuperating at Winsdor Castle. Part of her recovery has meant that she has been unable to walk her pet dogs for the last week.

This is a huge disappointment for the Queen who is a known dog lover and reports suggest that these beloved pets have been a major support to her following Prince Philip's death.

Her dorgi (a hybrid mix of a dachshund and corgi) is named Candy, and at 10 years old, is the eldest of the Queen's dogs. One of her Majesty's corgis is named Muick after a lake in Balmoral Castle, and the other is a fairly recent addition to the royal family, whose name has not been released to the public.

The Daily Mail reported that the Queen often takes her three pets to Frogmore, where she takes them on a long walk near Harry and Meghan's old home, Frogmore Cottage. Family and friends of the Queen also state that these daily excursions are 'a tonic' for the Queen and have helped to keep her fit and healthy at the age of 95.

Queen dogs

The Queen with a pet corgi in 1970

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Since spending time recovering, the Queen has been visited by Lady Louise, one of her eight grandchildren who was particularly close with Prince Philip and is considered the Queen's favorite grandchild.

As well as missing her daily outings with her dogs, the Queen missed church on Sunday for the first time in years. 

This was another clear indication that the Queen was taking her recovery very seriously as she aimed to rest ahead of her next royal engagement at the COP26. It has still not been confirmed whether her majesty will be well enough to attend this event with other world leaders.

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