Princess of Wales would have hated Kristen Stewart as Diana in upcoming film Spencer

Princess Diana's friends claim that she would hate the way that she has been portrayed in the new Kristen Stewart biopic, Spencer

Kristen Stewart as Diana
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The friends of Princess Diana claim, 'She'd be horrified at the way she's portrayed now,' as they discuss Kristen Stewart's performance in the upcoming film, Spencer.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Princess Diana's friends have claimed that she would be 'horrified' by the way that she has been portrayed in the new Spencer movie

The film has already been under fire from royal experts and now those who were closer to Diana have shared their disappointment. 

The Spencer movie is set over a three-day period from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day at the Queen's Norfolk home, Sandringham. The film suggests that it was during this three-day period that the Princess realized her marriage was over and had to make the decision to leave Prince Charles. 

Speaking to the Telegraph, royal biographer Ingrid Seward who is the editor of Majesty magazine, and previously knew and interviewed Diana said, "That Christmas she was there with Fergie, she was pretty miserable and she wasn’t speaking to Charles, but she wasn’t cutting herself at that stage." 

She added that the producers may have overstepped with their creative license to rewrite real-life events. "They’ve piled every bad thing into one weekend which is taking poetic license a little far," she said.

Ingrid added that the Princess would not have wanted people to think she didn't ever love Charles and was hellbent on destroying the monarchy.

"She would not want to be remembered as someone who was destructive towards the monarchy. She said to me that the monarchy was her sons’ future so she would never try to destroy it," said Ingrid. 

"She would be very sad that people think she and Charles never loved each other, that wasn’t true. She’d be horrified at the way she’s portrayed now."

Princess Diana played by Kristen Stewart in the Spencer movie

Princess Diana played by Kristen Stewart in the Spencer movie

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Make-up artist Mary Greenwell who worked with Princess Diana and had a close relationship with the royal added that she would have hated to be glorified and put on a pedestal in these films.

"She’s now seen as this kind of martyr, which I think is wrong. She did amazing things, but she’s misunderstood," said Mary.

The make-up artist added that despite the number of people who have tried to act out scenes from Diana's life in film and television and even on stage, the Princess cannot be understood by watching these performances. 

"All I’d say is that the portrayals you see now are not the best way to understand her. She wouldn’t want to be on this pedestal with all this glory and fame," said Mary.

Spencer, starring Kristen Stewart as Diana is coming to cinemas across the UK and US on Friday, November 5, 2021.

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