Spencer movie trailer and poster revealed—everything you need to know about Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana in new biopic

The Spencer movie stars Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana during her marriage to Prince Charles

Spencer movie starring Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana
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The Spencer movie trailer and poster have now been unveiled at CinemaCon in Las Vegas and if they're are anything to go by, fans are set to be captivated by Kristen Stewart’s portrayal of Princess Diana. 

Ever since it was announced that there would soon be a Spencer movie based on the life of the late Princess Diana, royal and movie fans alike couldn’t be more excited to see this new biopic. The new film has already come under fire from experts, with some suggesting the proposed time frame and setting for the Spencer movie doesn’t quite match history. However, that hasn’t stopped people from around the world from being delighted to see a glimpse of Kristen Stewart posing with Princess Diana’s engagement ring. The ring, as with much of Princess Diana’s jewelry, was inherited by key royals and seeing Kristen in character wearing it really set the scene.

Now lucky theatre owners attending CinemaCon in Las Vegas have reportedly been given the very first glimpse at the Spencer movie trailer and a stunning Spencer poster as the film’s premiere date draws nearer.  

Here is all you need to know about the Spencer movie as fans eagerly wait for Kristen Stewart’s Princess Diana to take center stage…

*Warning: spoilers ahead!*

What is the Spencer movie about?  

The Spencer movie is an upcoming biopic that focuses on the life of Princess Diana, formerly Lady Diana Spencer, during a challenging point in her marriage to Prince Charles. Prince Charles and Diana’s relationship began after they reconnected back in 1980, with the couple marrying in a magnificent, televised ceremony watched by millions a year later before kissing on the Buckingham Palace balcony. 

Though after welcoming their two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, the Prince and Princess of Wales’ marriage sadly began to break down in the 1990s. The Spencer movie is set in the early nineties, around 1992.

Prince and Princess of Wales attend a welcome ceremony in Toronto at the beginning of their Canadian tour

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This was the year the couple announced their separation in what the Queen termed her “annus horribilis”, or “horrible year”. The film plot is understood to follow the couple during the Christmas holidays, unfolding over Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day (December 26) at the Queen’s beautiful Norfolk home, Sandringham.

Here, Princess Diana attempts to come to terms with her realization that her and Charles’ marriage is coming apart, and begins to reassess the path her life has taken her. 

Diana, Princess of Wales attends the Christmas Day church service at St Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham, Norfolk

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Opening up to Deadline last year, the Spencer movie director Pablo Larraín revealed the direction they chose to take Princess Diana in the upcoming biopic.

“We decided to get into a story about identity, and around how a woman decides somehow, not to be the queen. She’s a woman who, in the journey of the movie, decides and realizes that she wants to be the woman she was before she met Charles,” he shared.

“It’s about finding herself, about understanding that possibly the most important thing for her is to be well, and to be with herself and by herself.”

Diana, Princess of Wales visits a school in Cameroon, March 1990

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After Princess Diana's wedding to Prince Charles in 1981, she became known as the Princess of Wales. However, it's her journey to find herself, Pablo explained, that inspired the name Spencer for the movie, instead of including her full title.

“That’s why the movie is called Spencer, which is the family name she had before she met Charles,” he said. Pablo also revealed that the Spencer movie will not include Princess Diana’s tragic death in 1997 and shared his passion for the project which back then had not yet begun filming.

“This is a beloved, iconic woman and we have everything in front of us to do a beautiful movie and we are working very hard to get it made,” he told the publication at the time.   

What happens in the Spencer movie trailer?  

Those who attended this year's CinemaCon reportedly received an exciting first-look at the Spencer movie trailer and an extended clip. The Spencer movie trailer has now been released and the footage begins with the Royal Family’s arrival at the historic Sandringham House, where they traditionally spend Christmas. The festive dinner is prepared whilst Princess Diana, who appears noticeably stressed in the bathroom, is soon called downstairs to the table. 

The trailer then goes on to include images of Princess Diana looking stunning in a silver gown as she walks down a long hallway, as well as her dancing, being photographed and running across the grounds. As the dramatic teaser draws to a close, fans see Diana being told, "They know everything" by another woman.

To which Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana replies only, "They don't...", leaving viewers wondering exactly what could be revealed in the full Spencer movie.

Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana in the Spencer movie

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Meanwhile, according to Deadline, the extended footage clip unveiled at CinemaCon allegedly showed a particularly meaningful conversation between the Prince and Princess of Wales about the media scrutiny they find themselves under.  

As Diana reveals she is struggling with balancing her private and public personas, an intense exchange takes place, where Prince Charles supposedly declares, “There has to be two of you. There’s two of me… The real one and the one they take pictures of". 

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales attend the Gulf War Victory Parade

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When his wife questions the extent of this, he then reportedly replies, “For the country, the people. They don’t want us to be people. That’s how it is. I’m sorry, I thought you knew.”

Given the intensity of the scrutiny Princess Diana was under as the 1990s progressed and Princess Diana and Prince Charles' divorce was finalized, this particular moment is made all the more significant and heart-breaking. 

The Spencer movie poster is certainly intriguing  

 Whilst the new Spencer movie trailer synopsis has got people eager for a full trailer release, the new Spencer movie poster has been shared with fans. Taking to social media before it’s presentation at CinemaCon, Neon shared the new poster, declaring, "Every fairy tale ends. Kristen Stewart is Diana Spencer. A glimpse at Pablo Larraín's SPENCER. In Theaters Nov. 5".  

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The accompanying poster picture shows what appears to be Princess Diana, wearing a beautiful white gown embellished with glittering flowers. Her head is turned away from the camera, as if trying to avoid the scrutiny of the lens. This is an incredibly intriguing and poignant insight into the new biopic and whilst some fans took to the comments to express uncertainty about casting Kristen as Diana, others were delighted to see this new picture. 

"Genuinely this is one of the best posters I've seen in forever", one fan declared. 

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Whilst another seemed to have been left so excited by the poster that they couldn't wait for the trailer to be released, writing, "GIVE ME THE TRAILER NOWWWW". 

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Another person was just as impressed, commenting, "This is perhaps the most exquisite and captivating movie poster I've seen in my life. As a person who used to buy and sell these for collectors, I'm wowed by this. Kudos to the team who created it!"

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With such a wonderful response from so many, the release of the final Spencer movie will likely be met with similar excitement. 

Princess Diana is played by Kristen Stewart in Spencer  

Perhaps the most important role of all—and the most well-known cast announcement in the lead up to the Spencer movie’s release—is Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana. The American actor is perhaps best known for her roles in the adaptations of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Series. 

Princess Diana is certainly a far cry from human-turned-vampire Bella Swan and Kristen has previously discussed her excitement at taking on this major role and mastering the late Princess of Wales’ accent.

Princess Diana played by Kristen Stewart in the Spencer movie

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Speaking to InStyle back in October 2020, Kristen explained, “The accent is intimidating as all hell because people know that voice, and it's so, so distinct and particular. I'm working on it now and already have my dialect coach.”

Though she was already committed to her research, adding, “In terms of research, I've gotten through two and a half biographies, and I'm finishing all the material before I actually go make the movie.

“It's one of the saddest stories to exist ever, and I don't want to just play Diana — I want to know her implicitly. I haven't been this excited about playing a part, by the way, in so long.”

Who else is in the Spencer movie cast? 

Spencer movie cast list:

  • Princess Diana - Kristen Stewart
  • Prince Charles - Jack Farthing
  • John Spencer, Earl Spencer - Thomas Douglas
  • Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York - Olga Hellsing
  • Queen Elizabeth - Stella Gonet
  • Prince Andrew - Niklas Kohrt

Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana might have been the casting choice that stood out the most when it was announced, but she will be in good company in this highly-anticipated biopic. British actor Jack Farthing will be taking on a similarly iconic role playing Prince Charles, who is first in the royal line of succession and is set to be the future king. In the UK, he is best known for his role as George Warleggan on the BBC historical drama Poldark and he has also appeared as Marc in the Netflix rom-com, Love Wedding Repeat. 

Jack Farthing poses on the red carpet upon arrival for the European premiere of the film "Official Secrets" in London on October 10, 2019

(Image credit: Photo by ISABEL INFANTES/AFP via Getty Images)

And that’s not all, as fans of Harry Potter will be delighted to learn that British acting legend Timothy Spall who played Peter Pettigrew in the magical film series, is understood to be part of the Spencer movie cast. So is Golden Globe winning actor Sally Hawkins, as well as Sean Harris (Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation). 

Olga Hellsing and Thomas Douglas are said to be playing Sarah Ferguson and John Spencer, Earl Spencer respectively, with Stella Gonet reportedly cast as Queen Elizabeth and Niklas Kohrt playing the third of the Queen's children, Prince Andrew. 

It’s not yet been confirmed exactly which roles the other cast members will be playing, but with acting talents such as theirs, we can’t wait for them to bring their characters to life. 

When and how can you watch the Spencer movie? 

For anyone eager to watch the Spencer movie as soon as it’s released, patience is the name of the game. As confirmed by the recent social media post by Neon alongside the new Spencer movie poster, the film will be released in movie theatres on November 5. This comes after the Spencer movie premiere at Venice Film Festival which takes place on September 1-11. From then, the film will then also reportedly be shown during the Toronto International Film Festival which is running from September 10-18.  

Will you be marking your calendar ready to watch the Spencer movie in November? 

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