Queen Camilla's new position 'could test friendship' with Princess Anne

Queen Camilla's friendship with Princess Anne may be tested by their change in authority in the 'royal pecking order,' claims expert

Queen Camilla's friendship with Princess Anne
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Queen Camilla's friendship with Princess Anne may be jeopardized by her change in position within the Royal Family.

It has been revealed that Princess Anne and Queen Camilla may have their friendship tested in the next few months as they both adjust to their new positions in the royal line of succession

Royal expert Judi James told Express that the Queen and her sister-in-law have always been close despite their obvious differences and their outward displays of confidence. "Camilla’s body language can define her as the most unsure and nervous royal." In comparison, Princess Anne, ‘’appears to not have one nervous or anxious bone in her body," said the body language expert.

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Judi explained that when looking at how the royal relatives interact, it's clear that they have a 'genuine friendship'. "Anne is still the one royal that Camilla seems to greet and respond to using body language rituals that suggest some level of genuine friendship," she said.

"Camilla looks unusually happy, comfortable and even keen to use direct and sustained eye contact with Anne and will mirror her body language to create a sense of synchronicity and like-mindedness." Judi added that the Princess' confidence allows Camilla to feel more at ease in her surroundings, "Camilla seems to be feeding off both Anne’s confidence and stoic approach."

The expert also added that the two do have some similarities which includes a "shared history and passions that include both horses and (apparently) taste in men". Judi references the fact that both Anne and Camilla dated Andrew Parker-Bowles (Camilla's ex-husband) at one point. It is even thought that Andrew cheated on Camilla with Anne. But rather than letting a man get in the way of their relationship, the pair became close friends. However, the expert predicts this could change relatively soon.

Camilla and Anne

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"Camilla is now not only above Anne in the royal pecking order, she has now taken the role of Queen in the place of Anne’s beloved mother," the body language expert explained. 

Judi suggested that Anne's closeness with her mother, will mean that she will struggle to see Camilla step into her former role, and will place high expectations on Camilla to follow the correct 'behavior and protocols.' "Anne’s closeness to the late Queen was never illustrated more than during the funeral and Anne is very much the family’s champion when it comes to regal behavior and protocols," she said.

"Anne is an old-school royal and it will be interesting to see how she reacts now the woman whose rise in the royal ranks has far exceeded expectations," Judi concluded. 

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