Queen Camilla's 'guilty pleasure' G&T and Coronation Street routine that King Charles 'loathes'

Queen Camilla's 'guilty pleasure' has been revealed by a royal insider, and apparently, King Charles is really not a fan!

Queen Camilla's 'guilty pleasure'
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Queen Camilla's 'guilty pleasure' has been revealed by a royal insider, and it involves a classic British soap, and a good old fashioned boozy cocktail.

Before the Queen's death in September 2022, the Queen consort lived in grandeur and divided her time between Clarence House in London, and Highgrove House in Gloucestershire. While these are stunningly grand houses with servants, and chefs, and regal reception rooms, much of the home is for show and isn't quite as cosy as their private apartments. 

However, Camilla has her own property that she still owns from before she married Charles. Camilla Parker Bowles is understood to have purchased Ray Mill House, a stunning Wiltshire home after her divorce from Andrew Parker-Bowles in 1996. It is here that the Queen can truly relax in privacy. Reportedly, Duchess Camilla's Ray Mill House gives 'sense of empowerment' and shows she's 'a person in her own right,' outside of her marriage. 

It is at this property that the Queen likes to indulge and can enjoy a boozy tipple and a soap opera on television without any judgment. A source told Daily Express, "At Ray Mill, she can sit down with a big G&T, kick off her shoes and watch Coronation Street, which Charles loathes."


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Reportedly the Queen likes to be a bit slovenly and enjoys not being fussed about the tidiness of her home. "She also doesn’t have to bother about how the place looks – Charles is so fussy about tidiness, while she leaves her stuff all over the place," said the source. Very reasonably the Queen doesn't ned to keep the house as spick and span as a royal residence, so she can relax a bit more. "She doesn’t need her cushions plumped all the time," said the source.

Another friend of the Queen's also reported that Her Majesty feels truly at peace here. "That house is where she can cook scrambled eggs in her dressing gown and be among those she loves with not a jot of ceremony or anyone looking at her," they said.

Charles and Camilla

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Since the Queen's passing it is expected that the Queen and King shall be even busier with even more duties as they become the leading representatives of the Royal Family. It is also expected that the royal couple will at some point be making the move up the mall in London and relocating from Clarence House to Buckingham Palace.

It is unclear if the royal couple intends to also spend more time at the late Queen's former home in Scotland, Balmoral Castle, or her other favorite royal residence, Windsor Castle

It is unlikely that the Queen consort will have time to visit Ray Mill House as much as she did previously. As a Duchess, she may have also been afforded more privacy, as a Queen this is likely to diminish even further - even in her own homes.

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