Queen Camilla's decadent 'last supper' with 'bitter chocolate ice cream' and multiple glasses of red wine sounds incredible

Queen Camilla's last supper selections are impressively indulgent

Queen Camilla's last supper
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Queen Camilla once revealed what she would dine on for her 'last supper' during a tell-all foodie chat - and we're pretty impressed by her choices. 

Having revealed her favorite 'fuss-free' meal that is so unroyal but so relatable, along with the one food she 'can't bear', Queen Camilla once opened up about what she would choose for her final meal ever. 

The King and Queen Consort no doubt have the privilege of dining on the best food that royal chefs have to offer, but Camilla admitted she's still partial to dining at home on vegetables grown by King Charles himself. 

However, her last supper choice is a little more decadent, involving lots of butter, potatoes, fish, berries, ice cream and wine. 

King Charles

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"My last supper would probably involve my own asparagus, with lots of butter. Angela Hartnett’s risotto. I love her cooking. Dover sole meunière, with ratte potatoes and fresh broad beans and peas from the garden," Camilla told her son for You magazine. 

When it comes to something sweet, Camilla said she's fond of fresh berries with cream plus rich ice cream and a wine or two to finish things off. 

Queen Camilla's last supper

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"Some bitter chocolate ice cream. Plus strawberries and raspberries and lots of clotted cream. Along with a really good glass of red claret," Camilla continued, sharing more drool-worthy details. 

"And, seeing it’s my last supper, probably two," she added.

Camilla also confessed that while she enjoys whipping up kitchen creations such as "tarragon chicken, scrambled eggs and bacon, and chicken casserole", she certainly hasn't been successful in all of her home cooking endeavours.

 "I could fill a book with all my cooking disasters," she admitted. 

"I’m not a natural baker, to say the least. As for baked potatoes… many a poor, incinerated specimen has been found in the bottom of the Aga, put in, then forgotten about."

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