Queen Camilla makes a bold style statement with super modern pop art 'wow' brooch but there's a special meaning behind the bargain $8 piece

Queen Camilla's pop art 'wow' brooch was a surprising choice as the Queen opted for an inexpensive item as a statement piece

Queen Camilla's pop art 'wow' brooch was a surprising choice as the Queen opted for a brooch made of wood instead of diamonds
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Queen Camilla's pop art 'wow' brooch intrigued fans on March 8, when Her Majesty hosted a reception at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the work of certain women on International Women's Day.

While at this important event at Buckingham Palace, the Queen wore a navy pinstriped short blazer that she paired with a matching calf-length skirt in the same style. The Queen looked fantastic in this matching skirt suit and paired the look with a pair of black suede knee-length boots.

This dark-toned outfit particularly made her bright brooch in gold and red pop on the Queen's lapel. The brooch was a pop art style shape with the letters 'WOW' emblazoned in gold on the front. While this may seem like a departure from the royal's typical brooch style, WOW is an acronym meaning 'Women of the World.' The Queen hosted this event in her capacity as President of the Women of the World Festival (WOW). 

WOW (Women of the World) was founded in 2010 in London. The organization created festivals that celebrate women and girls and look at the challenges and obstacles they face. This choice of brooch was clearly a deliberate choice by the Queen who wanted to use the spotlight at this reception to continue to shine a light on an organization who are making a difference to the lives of women on International Women's Day.

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Silver-backed WOW pin, Women of the World | $8.28 (£7.00)

Silver-backed WOW pin, Women of the World | $8.28 (£7.00)

Wear the WOW badge proudly (as thousands already do!) to show your support for gender equality and the work WOW are doing to advance it. 

This inexpensive brooch was the perfect accessory for the Queen consort as she hosted this important event and chatted to influential women. The Queen was snapped chatting to Megan Barton Hanson, a former Love Island star, Sarah Lancashire, who is best known as Catherine Cawood on Happy Valley, and the Ukrainian Ambassador's wife, Inna Prystaiko. 

Among the celebrities invited to the event, the Queen extended the invitation to entrepreneurs, entertainers, athletes, authors, journalists, and public servants as they gathered at this reception at the palace to celebrate to work of influential women from across a variety of different fields.

In addition to hosting this reception for influential women, the Queen also took the time to post about the ' remarkable women whom I have had the privilege of meeting over the past year'. This included advocate for the deaf community, and Strictly winner, Rose Ayling Ellis, and the First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska. 

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