Princess Beatrice's rare birthdate 8/8/88 has deep meaning in numerology and astrology but what does it say about her personality?

Princess Beatrice's rare birthdate carried with it some deeply spiritual meaning: Astrologer explains why and what it says about the royal

Princess Beatrice of York attends 'The Alchemist's Feast', the inaugural summer party & fundraiser for the National Gallery's Bicentenary campaign, NG200, with Creative Director Patrick Kinmonth, on June 23, 2022 in London, England.
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Princess Beatrice's rare birthdate, 8/8/88, has a spiritual meaning as the number 8, especially when repeated, in numerology is seen as hugely powerful. The number is linked with abundance and is one of the most powerful dates for manifestation in the astrological calendar.

Princess Beatrice and her husband, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi are given a tour during a visit to The Chelsea Flower Show 2022

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Princess Beatrice's rare birthdate coincides with one of the most powerful dates in the astrological calendar, The Lion's Gate Portal. Inbaal Honigman, an expert astrologer, explains that the yearly phenomenon of Sirius and Earth aligning in the sky, and peaking happens on the 8/8 of every year. 

"It's a date that empowers manifesting and creating, and is a date of birth for the movers and shakers of the future," she says. This is why many hone their Lion's Gate Portal manifestations way ahead of this date.

For some, like proud mama Sarah Ferguson, dreams may also come true on that very date. It was Sarah who revealed her daughter's unusual birthdate in an Instagram post back in 2020. The post read, "Happy Happy Birthday My Dearest Beatrice. 8.8.88 at 8.18pm was one of the greatest and most proud moments of my life. You are unique and simply one of the most special people on this planet. Your ever loving and devoted Mum."

Princess Beatrice's date and time of birth are so much more than just a pretty number, adds Inbaal. "The number 8 is hugely significant in numerology and is linked with abundance, stability, and success. When numbers double up, triple up and more, they multiply the blessings of that number manifold."

Princess Beatrice's rare birthdate falls during Leo season 2022, which is an added blessing - in terms of confidence at least. "People born under the sign of Leo know how to put themselves forward anyway, playing to their strengths and taking advantage of whatever's on offer," explains the astrologer.

It goes without saying that the young royal was born into great privilege, which has granted her opportunities that very few could even imagine. However, Inbaal explains, "with a date of birth like that, she'd have found her own success even if her early experiences were totally average."

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