Prince William's relationship with Prince Harry at 'rock bottom' as friends say he alternates between grief and anger

Prince William's relationship with Prince Harry is under strain as close sources reveal the continued distance between the Princes

Prince William's relationship with Prince Harry
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Prince William's relationship with Prince Harry has been scrutinized for many years, but inside sources have now revealed that there is still a lot of tension ahead of Prince William's 40th birthday.

Prince William and Prince Harry both made an appearance at the Queen's Platinum Jubilee earlier this year, but the pair are still at odds claim inside sources.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, friends of the Duke of Cambridge claimed that although he loves his brother, he believes he has crossed a major line.

"He alternates between grieving for what he has lost and feeling really, really angry about what his brother has done," said the source. "He truly loves Harry and feels he has lost the only person, aside from his wife, who understood this strange life of theirs."

They then added, "but he believes there are things you just don't do. And Harry has 100 percent crossed that line."

Prince William and Prince Harry

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Another claimed that it was difficult to say whether Prince Harry and Prince William would ever repair their bond again. 

"That's a hard question to answer. The truth is they have got to find some common ground again," said the friend. "But to do that both have to admit fault - and it's pretty obvious that one of them is absolutely refusing to do that."

This source also added that Prince William believed Prince Harry had crossed a line and was frustrated by the upset this has caused the Royal Family, particularly Prince Charles.

"William is also very principled and believes Harry has crossed a line. He's thrown accusation after accusation, knowing that silence is the family's only option because it doesn't want to get dragged into a public slanging match," said the source who added, "he sees how upset his father has been by it all, and it hurts."

"William is absolutely allergic to drama, but Harry has ensured that the family laundry is being aired on a global scale," they said.

The source then added that they didn't believe that now was the right time for a reconciliation between the brothers. "I think they will find themselves in a better position in the future, but not now. And too much water has gone under the bridge for things to ever go back to the way they were."

The source then added that Prince William feels that he can't forgive or forget this disagreement with Harry just yet.

"Truthfully, William thinks Harry has been sucked into an alien world and there's f*** all he can do about it. But he does want Harry to be happy, and if he stops throwing dust in their faces, then maybe he will find a way to forgive and forget," the source concluded.

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Prince William is preparing to turn 40 on Tuesday, June 21, 2022. This comes just a few days after Prince William celebrated Father’s Day with an adorable new photo of a beaming George, Louis, and Charlotte

While it is unclear how the Duke of Cambridge will celebrate this milestone, it is unlikely that his brother will feature in his plans as Prince Harry has been spotted playing polo in California and will likely be staying at his $14 million Santa Barbara mansion while his brother celebrates his special day.

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