Prince William's 'dutiful' pose in new Royal Family portrait with Kate Middleton signifies 'attentive waiting'

The Prince of Wales' strong posture in the photo may reflect his desire to support King Charles III, a body language expert has claimed

Prince William's pose in royal portrait with Kate Middleton signifies 'attentive waiting'
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Prince William's stiff stance next to Kate Middleton in the latest Royal Family portrait could signify his desire to support King Charles III, a body language expert has claimed. 

Prince William's stiff posture in a recent family photo could symbolize his desire to support King Charles III, according to a body language expert. 

A new Royal Family portrait was released on Saturday, in which the King and his Queen Consort pose next to the Prince and Princess of Wales at Buckingham Palace. The historic image was taken on September 18, ten days after Queen Elizabeth II's death at Balmoral Castle

Royal fans have been quick to point out the lack of physical contact between Prince William and Kate Middleton in the aftermath of Her Majesty's passing, with their walkabout at Windsor Castle on September 10.


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The Prince and Princess of Wales walked side by side as they emerged at the gates of the Queen's Berkshire home to greet royal mourners – a decision that was made all the most obvious by Prince Harry and Meghan Meghan's handholding. 

This cool behavior can also be seen in the new Royal Family photo, which shows the couple again avoiding any overt physical displays of affection. 

William's "splayed legs and the way his hands are clasped in front of his torso form a pose of attentive waiting," body language expert Judi James tells, adding, "It looks dutiful." 

"It’s the kind of pose you see from staff in hotel lobbies and it could signal his role of support and stand-in for his dad."

Meanwhile, the Princess of Wales's gesture towards her grieving husband in the photo could also be interpreted as one of solidarity and reassurance.  

"Catherine’s arm round his back suggests she is, in turn, there to support him," James says. 

King Charles's body language in the Royal Family portrait is similarly affectionate, with the 73-year-old tucking a hand behind the back of his wife, Camilla. 

Still in the period of royal mourning, all four were smiling but dressed entirely in black. The photo was taken the eve before the Queen's state funeral, which was attended by 2,000 guests at Westminster Abbey. 

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