Prince William's annoying habit that Kate Middleton despises at home

Prince William's annoying habit revealed by Kate Middleton who insists that the Prince's behavior at home is far from Prince-like

Prince William's annoying habit
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Prince William's annoying habit that he practices at home was revealed at a royal engagement with Kate Middleton.

In December 2018, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited the RAF Akrotiri while on a trip to the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

The royal couple were delivering Christmas gifts to the people stationed at the base who were separated from their families over the holidays.

While they toured the site, Prince William made a comment about some bright yellow sofas that were positioned on the site. "Keep the pizza off the sofas," said the Prince who was suggested that the messy takeaway would surely drip onto the sofa and stain the bright colorful fabric.

The Duchess of Cambridge added that her husband was actually a big perpetrator of this crime against interior furnishings. Kate joked, "You're a nightmare with that."

Kate Middleton

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It seems that when it comes to takeaways, Prince William can be just as messy as the rest of us who all occasionally indulge in eating food while on the sofa.

The royal couple also revealed in 2017 that they also love an Indian takeaway curry. Radio host Scott Mills asked the couple on BBC Radio 1, "So do you ever order takeaways? What do you order, curry, pizza?" 

Kate replied to this question by confirming, "Absolutely—and curry, definitely!"

"It's a real conundrum when it comes to it—pizza, curry, or Chinese. But I'm not so good with the spicy food though," added William who was then asked if they have a delivery guy arriving at the gates of Kensington Palace with their food in hand.

"It doesn't usually tend to get ordered to the Palace. We tend to go pick it up—[though] not ourselves!" said the Duke.

Although Kate and William's eating habits may seem more familiar, the rest of the royal family have picked up some unusual practices that have surprised fans in the past.

The Queen eats hamburgers in the weirdest way and there are common foods that the royal family is banned from eating because of bizarre royal protocols.

Although Kate and William have spoken about their love of takeaways the Queen has never revealed her favorite meal for fear that she will only end up eating that meal at every royal engagement. 

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